Stay with oil or switch to gas?


We are in the final stages of planning a small extension. Builder selected and almost good to go.
We currently have oil central heating - replaced our boiler 3 years ago and it’s really efficient. We fill the tank twice per year - costs about€1200.
We had decided to switch to gas - for convenience more than anything else. However, yesterday we began to seriously consider keeping with oil. Putin’s threat to cut the gas supply to the UK as retaliation for the UK expelling 23 Russians was thought provoking!

Any advice one way or the other?


We are thinking of doing likewise. We were advised by a local heating contractor that because there is an enourmous amount of lime in our area a gas boiler would need replacing much sooner than an oil one. Some folks (including on here) claim this is nonsense. Anyway, possibly something about which to inform yourself, if applicable.


Check if you can get a grant for changing the boiler, make sure to ask the builder to check that his plumber has the necessary paperwork.


LPG or mains gas?


SEAI told me over the phone recently that there aren’t any grants for boilers, rather, the grant is for the boiler controls and you have to satisfy the number of zones they require, etc.


Mains gas.
Have just been talking about it again this evening. We can put in the ‘infrastructure’ so to speak, so that if we did decide to switch to gas there would be minimum disruption.
The other thing that puts me off is the idea of the meter being housed in the front garden (we are in a Victorian terraced house and the white box would be very visible)…


Gas then. If only for the cooking on a gas hob.
We get ~40% of gas from corrib plus the uk is more or less self sufficient in gas


Nothing beats gas.
However, make sure you buy a boiler that’s big enough for your house, otherwise the furthest radiators only ever reach luke-warm status.


If its a big house don’t do a single pipe heating system.


not anymore they became a net importer of gas in 2004