Sterling hits 80p

Will the last person leaving the country please turn off the lights.
Thank you.

Sterling hits 80p

Erm, I think you mean 80c.

If £1.00 = £0.80, then we all need to be very worried indeed…

Or, instead, we could recognise that we were there before, ten years ago and just get on with life instead of worrying.

If you’re going to be pedantic you should perhaps give it some thought first.

No 1euro = 80p.

Ah, ok, should be “Euro hits 80p” then shouldn’t it? :slight_smile:

FFS, every bloody time I move across the border, in either direction, the currency moves against me. Move south, the punt/euro slumps. Move north, sterling slumps. This is about the fourth time this has happened to me.

Maybe it really is all my fault :open_mouth:

Sidewinder, we discussed thie before, it both our faults :smiley: :open_mouth:

StoppedClock, Sidewinder. I hate you guys. :frowning:

Stay right where you are, do not pass go, do not collect €100

hmmm, I can see big money to be made by investing in Newry retail

And risk further forex losses from a currency on a downward trend?

BoE cuts interest rates by 0.25% to 5%. Euro now at 80.3p.

sure why not, I’ve managed to lose on everything else this year :cry: