Stiglitz on Prime Time tonight & MB too 6/10/09

According to Mark Little on Twitter, Stiglitz said in interview that the idea of overpaying banks for impaired loans is criminal.

No, that couldn’t be right, Nama is the only solution to the Irish bank’s problems and we all know that we have to overpay. Who is this Stiglitz guy?

Not worth talking about.

So he has written a book, woop de doo, so has Bertie Ahern. Nama is the fucking answer, over paying is the answer, piss off Stiglitz, what would you know.

Just in case my No to Nama signature doesn’t give it away, I’m joking.

MB: “If you are heavily in debt and lose your job, then you’re cruxified.”

Karl, Karl, Karl…with an attitude like that you’ll never get on the late late show with Ryan.

Well done Karl.

I thought the format was interesting. No naysayer dismissing the seriousness of the problem. No fluffy “shure they’ll be grand”.

Why do we need an “expert” (man from out of town, for those who haven’t heard this definition before), when 46 of our very own boys in Ireland, have said that its wrong.

And dare I say it, ok I’ll try the IPU have been saying it since they started. THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES, which don’t involve majority paying dearly so minority can keep living it up, especially those entrusted to make sure this very thing didn’t happen

A man from out of town is less likely to be a VI. As opposed to the IPU (and correct me if I’m wrong) which started out as a campaign to stop banks raising mortgage interests rates (which makes it hard to take them seriously).

As far as I can tell (again correct me if I’m wrong) the IPU is a bunch of people who borrowed money under a certain set of terms and conditions who suddenly don’t like those conditions. If you borrow money from someone and sign a contract to pay them back you can’t suddenly complain about having to pay them back because you don’t like them.

all the links aren’t working for the show yet but this one from the IPU website seems to be working and is the uncut verison of the interview … 1,null,230

I really enjoyed the comercial before the clip, it is for the film, “The Invention of Lying”, need I say any more :laughing:

I really hope they did that deliberately :laughing:

Or else it was Divine intervention :wink: , Good night all

I watched the show live (on the Net) and when Stiglitz was told about NAMA he described it as ‘criminal’.

However, it seems that that particular part has been edited out of the clips that are available on

(Edited because I recall that he described NAMA as ‘criminal’ rather than ‘robbery’. Though he suggested both.)

Also, when you click the link for ‘Watch the entire show’, it starts within the interview with Stiglitz, weird. The RTE censors are clumsy.

The PrimeTime RealPlayer streams are all wrong at the moment - looks like whoever’s turn it was to hand-crank (for this is how they do it!) these made a balls of it.

Should be fixed tomorrow.

The Stig calling it criminal is small-beer.

I don’t see why not? I could bring a negative equity for everybody in the audience?!

Haven’t you done that already MB :wink:

Were you guys watching the same show as me? I heard Stiglitz call NAMA criminal, it was towards the start of the interview.

One thing that Stiglitz failed to understand is just how big NAMA is. In terms of absolute sums, it’s dwarfed by the United States’ stimulus, but no a capita basis, it’s much larger.

Good interview, shame about that awful tie :nin

PrimeTime on RTE Player:

I thought it was a much better tie than previous ones. And with a proper knot on it too…