Still so expensive for anything decent!

Was watching this house on for €795k … -8/476530/
and thought “they’ll never get that, it’s way too expensive and there is only a yard, no garden”

Well I rang the EA today and it’s gone and agreed at just over 700k (no exact figure given obviously). I know they took a hit of over 10% but it’s huge money for a nice house but with major drawbacks (no off-street parking or garden). It just seems that anything decent is selling at yes maybe a lot less than in ‘06 but it’s still nuts out there. When will this country come to its’ senses?

Because there are no forced sellers. Market is artificial as banks are not wholesale repossessing.

FFS, 795K, I just can’t believe people are waiting in expectation for this type of money for this type of property.

Both the EA and the seller are living in wonderland.

It will be 100 years, if ever, before this house reaches that price.

Ship of fools.

It sold according to the OP. (a) it was in a great location (b) craftsmanlike values are evident in the building of it.

I’d say you could always expect to pay at least twice the price of your averagely built semi-d located in your average location for something like this.Yes, it’s overpriced. But an average semi-d priced at 300K is also totally crazy.

It may very well be back on the market in a few months if the sale agreed falls through…

Janey, no garden at all to speak of. It seems to be crazy money for what it is, it needs work too.

I lived in that area for 14 years from 92 to 06, and sold up.

The area changed from a ragged arsed bedsit warren to a very nice resdentail arae full of artist, architects, actors and professional, plus a few older residents for character. Very nice. Think of it as the Chelsea of Ireland. It will always remain expensive.

An old lady I know told me that when her husband died in the 80s she wanted to sell the family 1960s 4 bedroom semi in Rathfarmhem and buy 5 houses there, but the family disuaded her, from her madness. Things and areas do change.

That house would have fetched over 1.5m at the peak. Fact.

Madness, Just madness.

Irelands house prices will continue to fall for many years. People are just buying themselves into penuary.

What would it rent for? 2k per month?

On that basis 450k-500k would be a fairer value.

We’ll get there.

It’s at times like this I miss crashandburn…

Less. You could have rented 5 Desmond Street with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms for €2250 up until a couple of weeks ago. It probably rented for less.

As for the artists, actors, architects all those fuckers are drawing the dole.

Chelsea my hole!,_London

I’m trying hard to see the parallels between this article and the area off Clanbrassil St, perhaps you can enlighten us.


Sale fell through, now on at 700k.

OP’s link says 750K???

Take it you’ve never been to Chelsea.
I’m finding it hard to think of a “Chelsea of Ireland”. Nice maintained parks, spotless, brilliant white period houses unchanged for generations, good infrastructure, river frontage, streets lined with mature trees.
Typical of Ireland to simply equate a good area with the occupations of those who live there.

That’s what we do, us Irelands.

Oh sorry, yeah, it’s on at 750k- duh.

Was wondering what kind of people should be able to afford to live there, what earnings(in a normal world) would buy this place?

Particularly considering the words artists and actors are often prefixed by “broke” or “struggling”.

Its great to see people are still talking about the price of gafs

"As for the artists, actors, architects all those fuckers are drawing the dole. "

why such animosity toward the above occupations ?