Stimulus 2020 - Irish Style


I feel a synergy coming on… something ike, temporary moratorium on all birth control with 1000 x €1 pint (or phone credit) vouchers for every child born to a married couple, married mind!!!


The report said that the reduction of the birth rate following the legalisation of contraception led to an immediate increase in the population which was productive and capable of working.

Translation: more women working rather than staying at home to rear squads of kids.
The rest of that story is utter bullshit as it completely ignores the mass importation of people to boost the economy. If birth control was the only factor, house prices should actually be falling die to fewer young adults buying.

As for bumping up prices in pubs and restaurants, it’s clear that these economists have only one objective, and that is to ensure that the business loans get repaid with interest and nothing else.

Looks like someone is trying to soften up the population for some huge tax increases to repay the loans taken out to support the population during the crisis.