Stippled ceilings - how to take it down & how much?

The ceilings on the rooms upstairs in our house are stippled and we hate it. Anyone experience of taking this off?
Thinking of painting/redecorating later this year but wonder if we need to do this first.

This chap on YouTube makes it look very easy but we are DIY dyslexics so there’s a risk that we’d make a mess of it.

Anyone ever done this? If it’s an awkward job or needs to be plastered over afterwards, does anyone have a ballpark idea how much it would cost? (Four bedrooms, one bathroom, one en suite).

Popcorn ceilings were popular here in the US. In most of the renovation shows on HGTV they take them down very easily. They wet them first and then just scrap it off.

EDIT: you could try it yourself. I’d hazard a guess it would be cheaper to get someone to come in and fix your work than have them do all the work **

I have not really seen much or indeed any of that in Ireland,the stippling you are talking about is probably plaster that was finished to give that appearance however it is likely plaster and will not come off so easily?

I had stippling paint all over my house. Got it skimmed over. It was not just a water and remove job (I tried) and figured the finish was cheaper for the developer than getting it properly skimmed. Did this about 10 years ag and can’t remember the cost so can’t have seemed that exorbitant on a cost/benefit basis.

If it were me, I’d either skim over it or remove the entire ceiling. I certainly wouldn’t try scraping it off.

Why? A common product used for this effect was Artex which unfortunately contained white asbestos as a fibre to strengthen it. This isn’t a problem as long as you don’t go sanding it or similarly disturbing it, but it’s also why I’d be inclined to just remove the plasterboard entirely. Or skim over it. A plasterer will run his trowel across it to knock off the worst peaks and he’ll get a good finish. If the ceilings are reasonably modern (<25 years old) they probably don’t contain asbestos and could be safely scrapped off (if possible).

In the 1960’s and 70’s it was a very popular ceiling finish and there were some outstanding tradesmen who used to travel the country doing it. One of the finest examples can be seen in this pub somewhere in Roscommon. There should be a preservation order on it.

The guy who did our ceilings was making a living stripping and skimming ceilings during the recession. He used a steamer to soften it before stripping it. Early 90s house so no asbestos.

I used to lie in bed as a teenager in the mid eighties, picking the Artex stipple off the wall with my fingernail. Be grand…

I got a good plasterer to skim a few rooms that had this kind of plaster finish, he did it in a couple of days.

Thanks for all of this - I’ll put down the wallpaper stripper and step away from the stippling.

Any notion of costs Ditch Dweller?

The last round was about 2k, but it also involved quite a bit of taping and plastering new drywall. I think the skimming part of the job (stairwell, bedroom wall and ceiling) was 4-500$ worth. I don’t know how that would translate to Irl but I expect the equivalent would be dearer. I have a good plasterer who loves nixers and is fast.

Okay, thanks. Yes, could well be pricier here in The Best Small Country for Overpaying for Services