Stocking wood, rathfarnham

Went to this open viewing of a five bed detached in Rathfarnham. If anyone’s is interested here’s my thoughts:

  • show house was nothing like pics, not even the same layout and no furniture. It’s a wide narrow house- one room deep. You come in and kitchen is on left and sitting room on right.
  • the sitting room and kitchen were ok but not as big as a person wanting a 5 bedroom would want because it’s 3 story.
  • three decent sized bedrooms and two small. Nice walk-in wardrobe in one.
  • it’s not Rathfarnham. Horrible location IMO. The whole area is full of apartments and duplexes with lots of cars, and bits of unfinished construction everywhere. We accidentally drove into the estate across the road and whatever was being built out front looked like it stopped.
  • couldn’t see any amenities, like a shop.
  • basic small garden out back, very overlooked.

We didn’t go see the semi d as the location was a non-runner

Is it in here? There are several house types. ad … 16/2873145

Brochure … LowRes.pdf

They’re not proper three storeys (i.e. townhouses), they’re just two storeys with attic conversions.

Yes I think it was s2 in that brochure. It’d be an good house if it was somewhere else! I’m not terribly familiar with rathfarnham but if you were looking to be close to the village you wouldn’t even consider here it’s a good 4km away as far as I can tell.

Many at it?

When I was there there were two others but I only stayed about 10 mins

“Stocking Wood”? Is that a joke?

“Rathfarnham” is the real joke here

Looked at a show house there in 2009 very bad layout with a door in the middle of the living room making it a useless space. Overpriced and no parking sad gardens best look elsewhere

Had heard similar stuff already about location and whether it’s in Rathfarnham or not you are of course paying for their kindly including it in the address.

Sounds like a porno set in a warehouse.

Now that you mention it :laughing:

Reminds me of sitting in a pub in Galway one day while and a Scottish friend started laughing spontaneously and none of us were privy to the joke, when he gathered it together he explained…

[Scottish accent]Who on earth thought that would be a good name for a shop… Brown Thomas[/Scottish accent]

Am American friend is forever amused by people who live in “Still organ”.

Rathfarnham is I think the most abused of all Dublin addresses.

I’ll see your Rathfarnham and raise you Castleknock, there’s some bit of continuity in the areas described losely as being Rathfarnham but from Castleknock you can drive on through Blanchardstown and Clonsilla and suddenly find yourself in “Castleknock” again, Glassnevin gets a dose too but not quite as bad as the other two.


Fair point. Although you could probably set off from Rathfarnham village, pass throughg Ballyboden, Knocklyon and Firhouse (aka Tallaght) and find yourself back in “Rathfarnham” again

Would you buy a family house with out a fire place?

Whitechurch West perhaps a better name