Stonelodge, 1 Garville Drive, Rathgar (-495k, -57%)

Asking 875k in 2008 … ?id=306603

Now 525k … ve/2289069

The early 90s have called; they want their kitchen back. Jesus wept, that’s what they think would help sell a house?

It’s looks like a staff room kitchen in a primary school.

Dropped to €475K now

Now 425k

Now 380k

whats the problem with this one? surely it should be shifting at this kind of price.

I’m renting not too far away - and was out walking baby so decided to have a quick look about a month ago as I half-heartedly wondered why no interest as well.
It is the house right in centre of the sat link, directly to the right you have a yard filled with cars, which is not yours, you have a very small garden to left side of house which I think is NNW facing, but I doubt you get much light at all cos of surrounding buildings and trees and then there is parking. Everywhere down Garville Drive(should be Lane, but Lane has already been used for a wider roadway around the corner) there are double yellow lines. I really don’t think there is any parking at all for this house. Now, as I mentioned, I was only having a nosey - I wasn’t at a viewing and didnt call EA as not that interested, but there isnt room for parking.
There is also quite a large boarded off area in Garville drive a few metres away to the SE where there is construction going on, but it was well boarded up and the only way to see what was being built would have been to stand on top of pram with baby asleep inside… so I gave up after 2 attempts :slight_smile:

Oh, and the double door entrance to your study/store entrance is odd, it seems to me like this was built purposefully as a live/work unit kinda thing, maybe for an sculptor of some sort or something - or maybe they believed that we would all be driving hover buggies by now and this was the garage…

Put a hard-wearing carpet down and fit two Renault Twizy’s in there - perfect for city living!

LOL - indeed, maybe we could ask that seller in Chapelizod their experience of the Batmobile tunrntable and the value it adds…

Thanks for the post