Stoney Meadows, Old Cratloe Road, Limerick



First post on here, i am looking at a house in the estate. It’s not officially up for sale yet, but i know the neighbours.

The house is 1500 sq/m in size, semi-detached.
The house was sold only 4 years ago for €105,000, i had looked at the house 4 years ago, but couldn’t get approval for my mortgage due to my contract in work at the time…Had viewed it with a builder friend so he was able to point out lots of small stuff…

I have found the home owner online, and they have loads of pictures of the house and the work done.

In the 4 years since that sale, the following has been done…
*New Gas heating system, all new piping, boiler & cylinder(originally it had a disconnected boiler with gun-barrel piping)
*New Gutters, Soffit & Down Pipe(originally had no gutters or downpipe)
*Brand New Kitchen
*New Open Plan Kitchen/Diner & Closed of french doors to the living room(Originally it was an narrow kitchen with a dinner through a door with french doors leading into the living room)
*Replaced the mismatched bathroom suite(Pink Basin & Green Toilet)

The house in located next to LIT, Estate is 19 houses, Some students(less than 4 years ago), some families & some professionals renting

A house in the estate was up for sale at €150,000 only a few months ago…and it was in a much worse state that the house than the house in question…

Houses with a 1km radius are going for north of €170,000, and many of these are smaller and in some scenarios in some very sketch area’s…

What sort of price would you expect the house to fetch in today’s market…Well maybe the a Pre-Covid/Post-Covid Price range…

Thanks to all…


From the works you list I’d say they’ve poured about 35k into it, factor in appreciation and I’d say pre-covid 170k is more than reasonable. Post covid I’d say the appetite for small investors buying to rent is nil for now so subtract 10k.

If it’s the area I’m thinking of there are a lot of students in the area and a lot of rentals close by, this would bother me as it leads to a lot of drunken antics late at night as well as the usual uncut grass, pizza boxes poking out of bins, uncollected rubbish and general poor maintenance.


From talking to the neighbour, a number of the rental properties are no longer student but young families/regular renters…There is still maybe 3-5 students houses…I know there is parking issues with thomond park, but Mayorstone has the same issues, and houses there go for north of €250,000…

Also it looks like they just patio’d half the back garden & installed a shed…according to their instagram