Stoneybatter & O'Devaney Gardens

Looking at some properties in Stoneybatter, seems there is better value in the west end over towards Phoenix Park: However, I’ve heard it’s more desirable around Arbour Hill.

Does anyone know what the plans for the O’Devaney Gardens estate is? Seems mixed reports online about using them to house homeless families. Are they currently empty? The whole area seems up and up!

Hello Pinster oldies waves

Was just checking out the forum as I actually bought in Stoneybatter recently (yeah, after many years finally took the plunge). The status of O’Devaney Gardens is still up in the air. Some of the buildings have been demolished and something like only 14 out of 200 families still live there. But the pop of the bubble meant the money required for the public-private partnership renovation ran out. So yeah, everything is on hold around there. The idea to house the homeless was only a proposal, never happened.


All in good time. State social housing wheels move slowly

I was born in O’Devaney. My ma and da won the flat in the newly wed lottery which I imagine was some social housing/rental scheme at the time so the area was always social housing.

aren’t some of the buildings referred to as “the privates” as they were originally private but bought by the Corpo?

That nearby Park Lodge development looks like a well designed block - open corridors are good for light and ventilation if done right … n-1571947/

The Americans who bought it made out like bandits… … -1.2243080

Think I may have mentioned this but a good lot of the nice redbricks on the NCR have changed hands recently and are being done up by legal professionals (lady who mentioned this is one half of a legal couple and mentioned several friends have done the same)

There’ll be no shortage of [relatively junior] legal eagles keeping watch on nearby developments.

Sounds familiar we’ve been out of the area a long time. I’ll ask my ma, I remember her and her mates always differentiates blocks as long and short balconies when telling Stories.

The NCR has always seemed to me a likely place to take off only that it’s been used as a dump for the Socially disadvantaged. It’s got a bit of character it’s near the Park, Manor Street/Stoneybatter and town.

Which part of the NCR does this phenomenon refer to? Closer up to Stoneybatter than the Mater I’m guessing?

yes. the last stretch near the Park

I cycled the length of that road a while back on the way to Stoneybatter (took the long route) and was just amazed at some of the stunning buildings, some just boarded up.


you often hear of “up and coming” areas …what are the areas of Dublin (besides the IFSC which is mostly a commercial development) …has been regenerated from undesirable to highly desirable in the last say 20yrs?


  • or generally off the SCR in Dublin 2 from Clanbrassil St eastward (I think Portobello is technically south of SCR)

Krazy prices fro some modest 2 beds -

Portobello wasn’t undesirable 20 years ago - a bit scrappier around the edges that now perhaps, but the streets from Curzon Street all the way back to Leonards Corner were always pretty middle class (if not necessarily the high-earning middle classes)

The other side of Leonard’s Corner has definitely gentrified quite a bit in the last 20 years - Leonard’s corner to, say, Dufferin Avenue. Beyond that towards Cork Street its still pretty scrappy (I’m allowed to say that because that’s where my house is :slight_smile: ) St. Teresa’s Gardens regeneration and the influx of (employed) Poles and Macedonians living around Cork Street is definitely making a difference though it terms of less anti-social behaviour and a higher proportion of clothed v pajama’d customers in Cork St Lidl!

Blanchardstown, according to the Independent recently. :smiley: … 73771.html

“And just like 2005’s ‘Dubskis’, in the capital younger buyers will be soon be hankering for Saggart, Swords, Ashtown and Blanch”

hankering …Christ i hope not …they will be buying in these areas as they are cheaper …plain and simple
Old vs new …do CB rules don’t allow for “doing up” money?
also a lot of new builds you living on a building site for 10-15yrs and the layout not always conducive to …you know …living!

“Weren’t the houses far more elegant? Weren’t these locations more central?”

eh yes and they also cost more vs blanch … when you move to a different country you not going to start renting in a pricey neighbourhood …who can blame them …I mean if you new in town you not exactly going to be blown away by the so called “leafier” parts of Dublin.

the economy “needed” new landlords to buy new houses to rent to foreign workers so they could help build new houses so …ah you know the story by now!!!

I’m not seeing concrete examples of areas that made full transition from being rough/undesirable → up and coming → high demand/desirable

There’s a new hipster restaurant at Leonard’s Corner now, to complete the [partial] transformation

I was going to propose a new indicator called “beard ratio” to determine an areas “up and coming ness” …sadly its so mainstream now … I wonder what really “cool” people look like :question: 8)

Exactly like that …although I was in Italy last year and their economy must be booming …nothing but disinterested auld lads throwing the plates around :smiley:

There is definitely an index to be composed here, dunno about the beards though, the index would be out of date fairly quickly

There’s also a new Centz.