stoneybatter … 7/1109865/

judging by neighbouring smithfield where one beds are making 1100 per month , id have thought this would command a grand or thereabouts every four weeks

seems cheap , anyone know what kind of anual fees , presume it would be north of 1200

Brilliant spot. Lived there for 2.5 years. I think it’s around the 1200 for the fees. Expensive seeing as there is no security and not a blade of grass in the place and just 1 elevator. Still though, you’ll get 1k a month rent in a heartbeat.

its far cheaper than anything in neighbouring smithfield , i know its a little further out but is stoneybatter that inferior to smithfield in terms of desirability ?

I prefer stonybatter by a long shot.

I think the Stoneybatter/Smithfield plays a lot more on foreigners than on Irish people.

95% of people in Stoneybatter are totally grand - I think Irish people know the difference between a scumbag and a generic tracksuit wearer.

Stoneybatter definitely has an aggressive edge though - been hassled myself there by agro homeless person late at night, saw fights taking place and people walking around with blood dripping off them. This is par for the course for centre of Dublin though.

Smithfield has a more cosmopolitan feel and seems wide enough to avoid hassle - something non-irish people would look for.

Area is definitely up and up in the years though - lots of nice restaurants there.

Generally, a student population from DIT as well in Stoneybatter so you have to deal with that.

Bridging the two is Delaneys pub, which I have close to the top of my ‘pubs in Dublin that shall not be entered’. Saw a giant bouncer bloke come out of there at 2pm with a tiny wheelie case on wheels…something about it gave me the heebie jeebies.

the banks are selling this property , showings were very limited and are now closed , pity , i know that complex , tried to buy in it in 2012 , put in a bid but the estate agent never came back to me and when i rang up , she was out of the country , eventually saw on the house price register that it was sold for six grand above where i bid but not until six months later

I used to frequent Delaneys to stay away from Hipster/Vegan types that might ruin my quiet pint. Certainly not rough but its hardly inviting from the outside.

Was in Delaneys recently enough for the first time and found it a grand spot

I know - it’s probably a solid spot alright. The early-houses in Dublin just have a certain ‘vibe’ that I can’t put my finger on - Windjammer, White Horse (Dark Horse?), Ned’s, Delaney’s, etc…

The Cobblestone is quite nice as well if you avoid the tourists looking for the free gig - they did make a right arse of their sign though, which looks severely tacky now.