Stop press - sale agreed!

Hi all

I never thought this day would come! Fingers crossed for a smooth closing but we’ve just gone sale agreed on a house that pretty much ticked all the boxes. A bit of horse trading had us frustrated but we got there, albeit a bit lighter in the pocket. Loads to do, but habitable so it will be a long term project with a few must-dos to start us off. Delired and excired.

Thanks for all the sage advice, and for keeping me sane…


Congratulations! Very best of luck with it.

Congrats HM! May retail rates go to zero and prices rise forever from the day you closed the deal. :smiley:

congrats :slight_smile:

Good for you! Hope it all goes smoothly.

Absolutely thrilled for ye !

Congratulations! 8DD

Delighted to hear this news, May your home be as warm as the family it holds in its walls (One of my Grannys slightly weird and wonderful sayings) How many is that I wonder who were Pin heads and who have bought…Me HM there must be lots

Big congrats from Mr & Mrs TI we will look forward to the house warming 8DD

Well done, congrats. It’s some struggle but you are nearly there

Congratulations on finally finding a place. What a slog, eh?

My fingers crossed for a smooth close for ye.

Congrats, all the best with the closing. :slight_smile:

Best of luck making your home!

You guys…
Cockles well and truly warmed thanks
The ceremonial deleting of the my home app will be the most satisfying thing. What will we do with our free time now?

You’ll be working overtime and double shifts so you can buy all those things for the house that you don’t even know that you -want- need at this point! :smiley:

Congratulations! Tis is a great relief I found at the time…

Super congratulations to you Homemaker!

May everything come true in the order and arrangement that befits your happiness and best outcomes.

Congrats! Hope it all goes to plan from here