Straight talking is a step to restoring national sanity … ational-s/

I consider straight talking to be associated with honesty, now theres something we have a HUGE shortage of in me fein D’ireland home of the gombeen.

Straight talking? forget it welcome to Ireland

It was good to hear Obama lay it out to the bankers at that round table meeting last week.

Their ‘reckless and wild speculation was no longer acceptable and would not be tolerated, because it was being done at the expense of the American people’.

Looking at those fat arrogant bankers dripping in wealth and prestige, beside the quite diminuitive and humble figure of President Obama was extremely telling.

Almost like a cartoon cariacture of themselves.

It did occur to me that if such a televised meeting was ever called in Ireland, it would be impossible to visually distinguish our bloated self serving polititians from the equally bloated and self serving greedy bankers.

Which one is Cowen? the uninitiated would have to ask…

Anyway I was only dreaming, because in Irish politics and banking, is a behind the door affair.

Conducted in secret late at night, between those in the know, and yes -

‘at the expense of the Irish People’.

Sorry but Obama has been a huge boon to the Wall Street crew. Watch what he does, not what he says.

It is great to see some accountability. I belive there must be consequences to deter people from doing this all over again. it is rightly pointed out that there is still a lot of work to be done to change the mindset of those ultimately responsible.

FF spokesperson last night on RTE week in politics, suggested Richie Boucher should consider forgoing this €1.5m and I agree, but I would like FF to show leaership and request Mr. Bertie, why don’t you commit suicide, Ahern to forgo his pension, perks etc and other politicans and senior civil servants should do likewise