Strange Foreign Men following, approaching and videoing women and children - Online Anecdotes 2023 edition

Individuals or as groups, on foot or in car or van.

Sadly not a fundamentally new story these last 5 years, but the frequency or perhaps the visibility of alerts on line in the Musk twitter, exemplifies the warning of various communities and the public at large.

Social Distancing 2023 Style


Sounds like he might be Spanish and walked into the wrong jacks, “no ablar…english”, but c’mon man that universal logo!!! No McD’s en España?

… but if they’re not teaching the kidz no gender or sexes no more, how are they suppose to know? The ladies cold have also misgendered him too, what is the world coming to?

But he did the right thing high tailing it out, those ladies had a lot of gonades!

All joking aside, if it was a mistake, it shows the levels of palpable fear out there for women, then again we also didn’t se the before his exit. Maybe he was not leaving until the phones came out. :thinking:

Shopping thrills we can all look forward to

Ah, but it’s not faster than science analysis.

More “analysis”