Strangest Daft Photo Ever

My guess … €850k to €900k.

Great catch Terra! Its so funny. I love it.

Could this be … P. Hantom?

Love it. Bound to be more…

That’s cool, wish I knew how to superimpose the images like that.

Become an EA?

No I mean the cool image of Moses. What’s your secret? I’m just not techie enough

:stuck_out_tongue: I might start a thread in the Piston if you’re interested?

Picture no.9

Some clever EA is going to find the Virgin Mary in a property pic soon. Just you wait.

That’s not the Virgin Mary. That’s King Midas turning a terraced house in Ballybough into gold.

I think she’s thinking ‘well that carpet will have to go for starters’

Holy crap that was quick

Photo 4 is strange. Just waiting for chuckie to wake up … -4/2179975

Do you get to keep the wee man?

LOL @ “charming derelict period cottage in Old World setting

Does anyone remember a post form a while back where the advertisment included a hand drawn map?