Strep A symptoms in Ireland for Children

RSV and Strep have never been common vernacular in Ireland.

In the US absolutely, common to hear someone talk about having or not wanting to have “strep throat”, whereas Ireland before the covids everything was a flu.

Now enter STREP A and it’s a very serious child killer.

I did encounter an instance of a childhood “scarlet fever” this year and thought that was odd and very Dickension, iirc strep can morph into Scarlet fever if left untreated.

This being a bacterial infection many home cures may work very well in the early stages and then what of anti-boitics?

Why the major media attention for what is surely a common and ordinary ailment?

Yes also, what component has the novel-injections played in reshaping the actual social immune systems, are parents immune systems compromised leading to children being more vulnerable?

Finally, I see a lot of online chatter about a recent mass nasally delivered vaccine in the UK for children.

There may have been on the QT, trials in Ireland some years back of similar novel nasal delivery system for flu, in perhaps a specific school or area, that was allegedly stopped because they ran into serious problems. Someone needs to dig there too.

The flu vaccine has been nasal in kids for for a while I think - I’ve seen one or two articles this week wondering if that’s the issue.

How has there been a flu vaccine for children when children iirc do not get the flu?

How do I return this VHS?

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I had scarlet fever when I was about 7 or 8-I remember the doctor called it scarlatina after a house call and not having any symptoms apart from the rash.

House calls, remember them days huh?

I had it a a kid as well. Doctor did do house calls back then.

So an old school doc, the kind who would do house calls made certain things simple in terms of children health.

Say if a child in Africa gets chickenpox it might die because it could be malnourished.

A healthy child in the west gets chickenpox, and it’s seen and treated as a mild normal right of passage illness and that’s all about it. Baking soda baths and some cream to reduce the itch and “don’t scratch the spots” parental guidance.

There is something about being sick sometimes (but not all the time) as a child that no only is the immune system learning, but you are also learning the course and passage of sickness and how to read those signs internally from the body giving you better advance self diagnosis skills as you mature.

That is an invaluable personal experience that stays with you and helps you through life. Toughing up of physical self. A mammy that is at home and can provide the physical and emotional care too.

Cutting this out by making everything notifiable mega event hysteria inducing red alert is veritably not what should be happening and looks like all the previous stuff to be design to allowed people collapse into the arms of big Animal Pharma living.

Strep A is bacterial.

The HSE letter indicates this but not before muddying the “get vaccinated” message and then admitting there is no vaccine for Strep Alpha.

It also claims there are vaccinations for bacterial infection - that is not something I am at all familiar with, but then maybe tetnus is one, but that has it’s problems too. Like every single one, if people would only read the warnings on the packaging form the manufacture. Slowly and carefully, before sending anything fireclay into their veins - Heorin ya know?

However, thinking about the fear mongering via the media.

Doesn’t it seems madness to take injection marketed as “vaccinations” going into winter or during winter.

Surely if you were a Vaccines4All kind of person, you would also want an optimum approach, and so the summer is the season to be jolly when it comes to lining the pocket of Animal Pharmas via FREE vaccinations programs, not winter, surely common sense speaks to this as the better solution.

Why introduce a level of chaos directly into your veins going into or during winter when it’s much colder and your Vitamin D level are dropping and you are under increased pressure overall with the reduction of sunlight - becasue when you encounter anything in the wild, it does not get direct access to your veins via a hypodermic needle. No. You have a full array of bodily autonomous defences have skin and blood barriers to prevent it scp efficient access and the overall management system of your immune cells in all their complex and living giving glory.

Why let Animal Pharma that deep into your body where even nature does not have direct recourse so easily.

Processed food will not serve you well.

If there is one daily probiotic that children seem to love it’s Kombucha.

It can become the Coca-Cola replacement and family health tonic, home brewed is insanely tasty and more-ish.

Commie Health care can only do Mammy Scare, when it should be Mammy Care Best!

Irish kids dying was all part of the agenda. The Irish authorities have blood on their hands, they caused this.

Look a squirrel! :chipmunk: