Strike Season


First over the top - the National Bus Drivers Union … 4-May2013/


Union politics in Dublin Bus is crazy


caught the last 2 minutes of a cooper interview, 45k a year for driving an old bus eh… tis no wonder the place is moving money hand over fist. 30k would be plenty for what is in all essence unskilled labour. It will be telling how this plays out quick fold or a definite hard ball strategy


Yes they are.

And in Bus Eireann? Where this article concerns…


In that case, apply for a job there.


I think they might even have a DB pension scheme (not sure if it is still open)


why would I? its not my industry but my brother works in transport and truck drivers who work far longer hours do not come close to these bloated wages.


You know there are plenty of people who would be interested in applying for one of these jobs at 45k. Not sure how often these jobs come up though. It’s very good pay for a job that doesn’t need any qualifications or extensive training and isn’t physically demanding. I’ve no doubt it comes with it’s own challenges but so does every job on the planet.

I do feel sorry for people being asked to take any form of paycut at a time of tax increases etc and someone on 45k isn’t exactly on the pigs back but the fact remains that if this was a private company then it would be bust by now and everyone would be out of work. The staff are being offered an alternative to this - they are not going to get much sympathy from the public. Particularly on the increase to a 39 hour week. A lot of people would love to only have to do a 39 hour week.


Didn’t someone post here about Arriva trying to recruit Irish people to work the buses in Malta for €250pw?
Ah here it is viewtopic.php?f=4&t=58652&p=693738&hilit=malta#p693738


The thinly veiled call for privatisation, yes, I expected that would rear its head sooner or later.

Would you truly drive a bus for 45k gross in preference to being on the scratcher? I wouldn’t. It’s a comparatively stressful job with a significant risk of physical threat on some routes and carrying significant and potentially criminal legal risks if you become involved in a crash - even if, as happened with the case of the bus that mounted the pavement on the quays a few years back, you are found innocent of any wrongdoing.

But you don’t consider that alex_a, do you, because you have been so brainwashed by anti-public sector shills in the corporatist media that you cannot process any other perspective.


The fact that your brother is being exploited by private sector interests should not prevent you from showing solidarity with public sector workers who may currently happen to have better conditions.


come off it will you. exploited by the private sector, that commie stuff is laughable. he works hard and gets a fair wage and is happy in his work.

bus eireann is an badly run public sector body that is heavily subsidized by the taxpayer. It needs to cut costs thats thereality.


You need to get over yourself and your assertion that someone who disagrees with you is brainwashed. And I re-iterate that a huge number of people would happily do this work for 45k. No doubt there are already a number of people doing more or less the same job for a lot less. And there was no call for privatisation from me. But there is an expectation that comparatively highly-paid workers in a loss making organisation should expect to take a salary cut if they want to retain their jobs. And that expectation should not only apply to private organisations.


Whether knowingly or otherwise, your statement that “if this was a private company then it would be bust by now and everyone would be out of work” is basically mouthing propaganda from privateer shills - Shane Ross, Sean Barrett, all the usual suspects.

The reality is that a decent transport system cannot be run as a profit-making private corporation. The French and Germans realised this decades ago, which is probably why they have the best transport networks in the world - and almost entirely state-owned.

Your argument therefore fails at the first hurdle.

But, hey, congrats on falling, hook, line and sinker for the divide and conquer strategy being pushed - now more or less openly and in plain sight - by the ruling class.


I think you will find the losses in the French and German systems are (closeted) in the rail infrastructure companies as opposed to the costs in the operating companies.


Since you’re such an expert, how much does a bus driver in Germany earn?


Dealing with the actual topic of the post - Gilmore’s threat to bus drivers about their employment is a long echo from that issued by William Martin Murphy to tram drivers during the 1913 Lockout. The Murphy family owned Independent Newspapers until acquired by one AJF O’ Reilly in the early 1970’s. Murphy of course owned the tram company also and led the empolyer bloc which broke the strike. Gilmore is in good company.

As an aside Murphy published an editorial calling for execution of some of the 1916 leaders -he had his way.

By an odd quirk this is not just the centenary of the Dublin Lockout but the centenary of the Labour Party.

What is that saying about power corrupting ?

The more things change the more they stay the same.

As for 45k being a handsome sum to drive a bus in Dublin - try it in Dublin traffic. Try the 6.00 am starts and the 1.00am finishes. Try the compulsory w/end shifts and try coping late on a Friday night with a bunch of
drunks -just dont expect back-up from anyone if they get rough.

Dont drop into the Pin too often these days-distressing to see what crawls out from under rocks…


Sorry LL, but I just hear the same beal bocht bleeting I hear from the Gardai, the nurses & the bin men & anyone else who thinks their job is somehow different.

The reality is that if you fired 200 people from these posts & re-advertised the same jobs at 10% lower wages, you’d still get 10x the number of applicants as you have available posts.


Indeed. There’s a deliberate and cynical strategy to set people, classes, communities, etc, against each other so that attention is taken away from where it belongs - that much is obvious at this stage in the game.

Agreed again.

Btw, I remember your posts a couple of years back regarding a certain institution where all was not quite what it seemed - looks like you weren’t bullshitting us. I warned certain people to sell their shares - most didn’t listen.


I think more likey LL is referring to the increasing number of obvious shills for privateer interests.

That or the also increasing number of useful idiots for same.