Strike Season


So basically, the passengers are stupid, selfish, short-termist and end up getting the service they deserve?

A depressing assessment, but probably accurate. :frowning:
It’s like the way people will flatly refuse to believe, in the face of hard empirical evidence, that variable and contingent reduction of speed limits on busy roads will improve traffic flow and increase point to point average speeds. :frowning:


On the ground commercial activity was severely curtailed by the Bus strike more so on the Friday than the Thursday. Todays weather did not help but some joints were almost empty from half two, by half three not a sinner to be seen. I was in one of those joints, it was surreal.


Just goes to show the power of collective action.

People have more power than they think…but only when they act in unison…


Where I am it’s costs me 40 to 80 cents depending on length of journey on a fast efficient, touch on/touch off fully integrated city card , many stops have electronic timetables and there are dedicated lanes for some routes. When I go back to Dublin it’s just a pain but my kids like the doubledeckers (I do have to keep them out of the junkie zone down the back…)!

The rate of inflation in transport costs is just way out of order there. Where I am it’s going up about 20% in 10-15 years for bus ticket, yet the service has improved.
The buses in Dublin are just too expensive but obviously they have the public over a barrel with lack of options.

I recommend looking into electric bikes, scooters, alternative modes of transport as well as the ole bikes.


I agree that Col Max that DB’s management is the problem. There is zero commercial mentality there. These is simply a lump of people to be moved and an Exchequer to be petitioned every few years once the buses get old. The pay-by-distance fare system has not made sense since they had conductors in the late 1980s and yet still it persists, slowing down every journey by about 20%.

Here is what should happen:
Make a large chunk of DB workforce (drivers but particularly management) redundant. This could be paid for by the sell-off of several depots close to the city which are a monstrously bad use of land
Re-design routes, including axing 50% of stops and no lengthy tours through suburban estates
Mixed fleet including single-decker buses with entry and egress at three doors
Put all out to tender (allowing a hollowed-out DB to bid (
Try to put a ****network **** in place. At the moment there are very few places where you can easily make interchanges between Dart/Luas/DB

Big benefits of private tendering would be a) not using scarce city centre land to park buses on; b) lower wage demands for drivers as their housing costs will be lower; c) better fleet management as private operators use buses at off-peak times for buses, school tours, corporate events, etc.

If only we had someone in charge of all this who had a clear public track record of being quite hostile to the CIÉ group :angry:



when do you think Shane Ross last took a bus??


As recently as May according to himself!


For example, the management of a no-frills airline? It would provide an organic expansion of activity.


You’re still living in the last century mate…dont you know that nothing has to make money to survive anymore…it just needs to be favourably connected to the correct sector of society and therefore deemed ‘too big to fail’ etc…commercial reality doesn’t come into it…

Basically, the problem you have is that Irish society hasn’t yet cast off the notion that someone driving a bus has a right to a decent standard of living…that how we like it and thats how it will stay as long as democracy functions as it does presently…and a large enough cohort of the working class vote remains on the island…Im afraid you’ll just have to get used to it…


Do bus drivers not have a right to a decent life?


Sure they do. They get paid quite well and are free to change jobs any time they like. They could go work for a private sector company for example.


Not sure if thats directed at me or not…if it was allow me to clarify…the point I made was that they do have a right to a decent standard of living…and that their ‘decent’ standard of living is safeguarded through their collective power as members of a politically active/connected union…and that most Irish people support this right…and long may this continue…


Yeah, but no doubt their bosses earned a lot more with loads of benefits…so that makes it great in the eyes of those who worship at the altar of a ‘commercial reality’ that supposedly governs the world we live in but which nobody has ever actually seen in practice…other than the part that has us funding busted banks or multi-national scam merchants…in the national interest…that part is fairly fucking real alright…


Everybody else has to fund all this too - now everbody else has to fund bus drivers/tram drivers and their union parasites on top.


Government really needs to step in and bring the parties to the table


Thanks for making my point for me :slight_smile:


I don’t think driving a Dublin Bus is the same as driving for a private operator. DB drivers are steadier safer, stopping more, often dealing with a worse consumer. DB drivers are much more careful.


Re Luas drivers but if the glove fits… … urgeoisie/


And it was bigoted horse manure then too.

Is it the idea that skill level and pay should be correlated really a “petit-bourgois” one?

Also, how much do you think interns at “cool startups” make? I’ve known a few, and they’ve always worked far longer hours than bus drivers for dramatically less pay, doing work which is generally far more highly skilled. But then I guess a funny Irish name does make you a fair target for some highly evolved individuals.


They were already at the table at the labour court.

Labour court recommendations should be binding.