Strike Season


The random drug and alcohol testing seems, eh, light.

5% of the workforce per year. You could turn up shitfaced every day and still make it to retirement without getting busted.


Well you have approximately a 50% chance of being tested over 13 years.

The post-accident thing seems to make sense though.


Sure, but 1 in 8 high-functioning crack addicts could make it to 40 years service.


I think a bus driver on crack would be fine. It’s the ones who drink that we should worry about.

#865 … -1.2834745
More ‘government by media briefing’ GBMB by FG
Anyone else smell the panic from FG ?
Also it’s unclear to me did Pat Leahy talk to a civil servant ? Or did he talk to a minister who had talked to a civil servant ?


SIPTU prepared for all-out strike at Bus Éireann

Could be the final nail in the coffin for the turd of a service that is Bus Eireann


Powers that be seem to be (sensibly) insisting that the bits that can compete should compete, and the parts with a social mandate should continue to be subsidised.


Travelling public to be shafted again … ck-at-wrc/


All-out strike at Bus Éireann to begin next Monday … -1.2991223

Interesting to see how this plays out. At the moment the strike could be fatal for Bus Éireann (and its employees).


shared deports will mean dublin bus services are affected.


Talks between Bus Éireann and unions collapse … -1.3009252


The problem was never fixed last time. It is 4 years ago since this thread was started about a bus drivers dispute.


Too many nettles left un-grasped across too many Irish institutions when austerity was the accepted norm.


Meanwhile, ASTI teachers have no idea what the english junior cert papers will look like “because the ASTI did not participate in the department training and this is an ASTI school” :neutral_face:


I guess the Bus Eireann strike is well known.

What’s really great is that there’s dozens of Irish Rail trains cancelled as apparently (some) Irish Rail staff refuses to pass an picket lines in places where there’s some combined bus/train station.

What an effing joke.


Banana Republic - they are looking for a taxpayer bail out, the very people they are effing over today


I’m 90% with you on that, however the crossing picket taboo is a very powerful one. An anecdote told to me by someone who was on a picket in the 80s:

There’s a picket across the work-site gate, and all work stopped. The work site is up a hill and at the end of a long narrow path. A large truck arrives at the gate to make deliveries, and of course sees the picket. So the driver hops out and chats to the striking workers, and realises he’ll need to go away. This is all good humoured.

Now, he’s going to have a lot of difficulty manoeuvring his vehicle, so the strikers say to hang on and they’ll open the gate so he can go through into the yard and turnabout and come about again. But the truck driver wouldn’t hear of it. He would not cross their picket under any circumstances, even though they were inviting him to for a very practical (and safety related) reason. He then proceeded to reverse downhill and back along the long access track until he could reverse out onto the main road (strikers looking on nervously the whole time). He managed to do this without incident and was again on his way.

It was not in any way in the drivers interests not to cross that picket, and he would have had no issue from anyone if he had. The workers weren’t even from the same business or union. However he wouldn’t under any circumstances cross the picket.


On the Last Word earlier- avg driving time for a Driver in BE is 5.5 hours per day but they get paid for 9.5 on avg also.

On MI I think it was said earlier that BE have 5.5 Drivers for every bus/route (not sure which was specified) v’s 1.9 in private bus companies.

You do the math!


As a youngster I worked in a unionised workplace, I thought the shop steward was a complete waster, I basically told him he wasn’t doing his job either as a trade unionist or as a worker - he said ‘Fair enough son - want to come to a union meeting - we have two rep votes, nobody from here ever bothers their arse to come’. So to call his bluff I went along to the next meeting - I spent three hours in a room and I have to say I learnt about what some of these guys do to help someone down on their luck, to try and get employers to do practical things or even just sensible things. I think I thought that as a smart ass graduate I’d be able to blind them with my ability to cut through the problems and propose simple elegant solutions - no such luck, basically nothing discussed was easy and much of it was to do with dealing with people who were bullies or idiots. I still thought the guy was a waster but I realised that if something was to happen with me this guy would do his best to help. I also realised he wasn’t the worst employee in the place - he was an old guy in a job that still had a lot of manual aspects so he probably couldn’t contribute that much anyway, he was also putting in at least 3hrs a fortnight of his own time into these meetings - I went to a couple more meetings and then as you do at that age found better things to do with my time - and he soldiered on, certainly until I left the job.

If you think unions are necessary, but crap, as I do , and work in a unionised workplace, as I don’t , then join the union and make it work for you and your fellow workers - unions will only ever be as good as you choose to make them.


Why is she obliged to whatever? I’m not suggesting passing a picket of her own co-workers because that would probably get her shanked, but does she have to join the union?


It was actually 5.5 employees per vehicle, with private coach operators at 1.8 per vehicle.

Maybe more aspects of maintenance are in-sourced at BE. But even at that there is clearly a massive layer of management and poor use of driver time compared to competitors. And that’s even before you get to wages which are by all accounts too are a bit better.

I learned that Aircoach, by the way, is unionised.