Strike Season


I believe that in some countries, a long way away, there have structures called Governments that respond to the wishes of the people and take decisive action. If only we had something like this here.


Very damaging move today, big mistake.


If you are to try today’s move you have to have a long term strategy and you must keep the pressure on. It was a borderline plausible strategy with a very weak government but it required precise execution and was therefore very risky. A very risky strategy which was totally f***d up on today. The general silence from the politicians (bar the transport minister’s early morning wobble) proves this. To me it looks like members trying to lead the union officers (a la the ASTI) which only ends one way. Doubly bizarre as the NBRU have a great performer in Dermot O’Leary.


And I’d love to see the likes of you homeless on the side of the street…but it probably isn’t going to happen…

Edit - obviously I dont actually wish that on you or anybody else…but your own initial statement is basically expressing a wish for hundreds of families to be placed on social welfare…which is quite similar…


No, but you are likely to see me standing beside homeless people in the street for an hour or so waiting on buses that never turn up and then hailing a taxi when I finally give up. When the buses do turn up the drivers are often exceptionally obnoxious and make the journey as unpleasant and dangerous as possible for all passengers by frequently blaring their radio, running red lights, mounting pavements, etc. I would sack all of them and hire people with driving and customer service skills.

I personally know two people who did not make it to their chemotherapy appointments because of the DART/Dublin Bus strike. The drivers behaviour was disgusting but didn’t surprise anybody who endures these people on a frequent basis.


They have apps now that tell you when the buses are going to arrive. Many of the bus stops also count down the time as the bus is en toute. Id suggest making use of them rather than standing around in the cold.

Tbh I find your post pretty incredulous…and wishing unemployment on people to be quite ugly. If you feel the driver of your bus to be placing you in danger by regularly running red lights or mounting pavements Id suggest calling the Gardaí.

I use them on occasion and haven’t experienced anything like what you describe. My problem with Dublin Bus would be the lack of scheduling on Sundays for example ie theres only one bus per hour. Contrast that with the amount of bus services in place to ferry tourists around the city and you get a sense of where officialdom’s priorities lie ie with tourists rather than citizens/inhabitants…and Id suggest that attitudes such as your own provides fuel for that type of mentality…


Are the tourist buses not private? The hop on hop off o rs?
Nothing to do with public transport


You aren’t using those apps regularly apparently. They are not realtime nor accurate unless some human massages the data all the time. They work fine when there is no problem - which is when you don’t normally really need them anyways.
And there hardly ever is no problem.

You might think the post is incredulous, but as a very frequent public transport user in Dublin let me tell you, it isn’t.


Absolutely obvious from this that you never use those apps regularly. They have no bearing on reality and anybody who has to rely on Dublin Bus will tell you the same. I’d suggest you try using them. Once you can offer an informed opinion you will find that it will not be the same as the one you’ve just given. But, to help you out, the apps are not in real time, e.g., 5 minutes on the RTPI (that’s what regular users know as the app) can mean anything. Often the bus that is 5 minutes away will disappear (these are called ‘ghost buses’ by regular users and are the most frequent type of bus). Also, the bus that is 5 minutes away might not come for 30 minutes, but it will still show 5 minutes for that duration.

I don’t wish unemployment on people. I wish for bus drivers that are safe and polite and interested in earning their high salary which far outweighs their skill level when compared to the salaries of people who have spent years in university. Driving a bus is a very serious job and drivers should be well paid. However, they should also be grateful that they can get such a well paid job with only a few weeks training and act accordingly, i.e., make the journey safe and pleasant.

I have frequently called the Gardi and Dublin Bus in relation to unsafe driving or unsafe on board conditions, e.g., the driver playing the radio so loudly that he/she cannot hear what is happening on the bus or in surrounding traffic. Do I need to mention how awful it is to be on a bus for an hour having the Joe Duffy show bouncing around the walls of the bus? And, yes, asking the driver to turn down/off the radio results in abuse to the effect of ‘it’s my bus, I’ll do what I want’. The Gardai have responded to dangerous driving complaints with ‘that’s a matter for Dublin Bus’, but this is hardly surprising given that we know that the traffic police often just make up their stats.

You didn’t need to write this. Suggesting that I use the apps made it clear that you are not a regular Dublin Bus user.

Yet here you seem to accept that there is no strategy in place to cater for the city’s inhabitants, but you also think there is a great service with a functioning app? Which is it?


Did you know that Dublin Bus wurkers threaten to strike over their right to listen to the wireless on their buses?..And won. … 0-Feb2016/


Yes. Do you know that the reason for that is because most other EU countries deem it unsafe for the bus driver to be listening to the radio? And also that other passengers are not allowed to blast music through their headphones because it is disturbing to others (in Germany the posters on the bus indicate that you may not disturb others with your noise), but in Dublin it is the drivers themselves who are allowed to blast music all over the bus. The drivers won on that issue because they once again held the public hostage and the bus management is beyond useless. I would have sacked every driver who refused to comply with new safety regulations.

Having spent many years living full-time on the continent without the need for a car because I could reliably travel everywhere by public transport, or safely by bike, I am now taking driving lessons because Dublin Bus, and most of their drivers, are beyond useless.

As I mentioned earlier, the fact that major companies have to run their own buses around the capital to get employees to work on time says it all.


I can’t help thinking that driving a bus will rapidly become a dying industry once autonomous vehicles become the norm.

It will happen with cars then trucks then busses.

Then no more strikes and a rapid predictable service.

When’s the Tesla bus coming?


I think autonomous busses will help. But without proper management the service will still be poor. Few if any “radial” or “ring” services. We are wedded to the hub-and-spoke model…

But there are more problems…
My wife uses the bus 5 days a week.
Biggest challenge: in last few years with numbers of commuters on her routes increasing, the busses arrive at the stops already full - they just drive on. No real thought to increase peak capacity - so she, and commuters she knows, are just getting up earlier to get earlier busses.

Plenty of emails to Dublin bus about it. Radio silence back. Over 18 months. I don’t know many other companies that see sustained predictable demand, during a well-defined time window, for twice their current capacity provision - and willfully ignore it.
Shur’ why would you bother increasing your revenue and improving your service, when you can just stick the hand out to Government every few years.


When everything you run is at a loss, the appetite for increasing services is low.


Yes of course. But it’s part of a general trend in this country whereby workings people’s concerns are relegated behind those of tourists…id guess that if the route I use was privatized, there would be no service at all on a Sunday…unless they could get Bangkadshis, employed on Bangkadeshi contracts, to drive the buses…


In response to your points, I’ll grant you that yes I’m not a user of the apps so therefore I’m less informed than you on that front and I’ll take your word for it that they don’t work properly.
I’m still surrounded by bright young things using them anytime I’m at a bus stop however, and the electronic bus timetables have been pretty much accurate on the times I’ve used the service on the route that I use…but yea, I’m
Not a daily user.

However, the rest of your post I do take issue with.

So you’ve been to university and you expect a salary higher than a bus driver or whatever. What you need to do in that respect is therefore organise yourself and your co-workers and agitate for better working conditions a la bus drivers and other unionized groups. If you feel that’s not an option within your chosen industry then you need start having a think about the prevailing economic system and how it is fucking people like yourself over (if that’s how you feel)…cribbing about bus drivers incomes and suggesting that they should all be sacked is a waste of time.

Furthermore, whether drivers play Joe Duffy or not is a non issue and is hardly a form of hardship…a first world problem if you will…Driving habits may be an issue if you feel you are being placed in danger but I’m genuinely guessing an over reaction on your part as I’ve never heard anybody else make similar comments.

Re your and other posters’ comments about scheduling problems and not enough buses being put on etc, that’s an issue for management that has nothing to with drivers. It’s actually classic slow-mo pre-privatization tactics that were employed in places such as the UK whereby services are intentionally depleted and run down with a view to having customers such as yourself form a negative view of the company generally, so that when the ‘solution’ of privatization is suggested there will be widespread public support for same. That is what took place in relation to companies such as British Rail etc…and guess what, the poverty of the privatized version has resulted in nationalization being reconsidered.

Basically, based on what you have written, the solution to your problems with Dublin Bus appear to lie in management putting on more buses and turning off the radio…as well as investing a bit more in the technology used in the app service. Eminently solvable id say. instead the opposite would appear to be being considered.One wonders why…


Sure, management issue: like the one last year where the Irish Rail management wanted to increase Dart frequency from running every 15 minutes to running every 10 minutes.
Guess who opposed it, for what I can only call BS reasons: the drivers.

Or the reason why Darts stop at Fairview depot to make a driver change, instead of doing it somewhere where it wouldn’t waste anyone’s time (like a station, for example): the drivers again, supported by the union.
Dublin public transport is a total shambles, and the unions and drivers are to a large extend responsible (read: to blame) for it.

(Like the reason why the real time system isn’t actually real time or properly automated, but still requires people pressing buttons…)


Actually, I never said I earned less than a Dublin Bus driver, or that I think I should earn more than one. However, there are few jobs where one can teain for a few weeks and earn more than somebody who has invested many years in training.

Noting that you haven’t heard anybody else complain about the blaring radios is yet another sign that you are not actually on the buses. Saying that you have not heard anybody else complain about this is not a valid argument anyway, it reminds me of all the sexual abuse victims who were told ‘nobody else complained’. Mentioning that it is not a worthy issue is indicative of lowest common denominator thinking; why aspire to safe, peaceful, clean and efficient bus systems like in Germany when we can expect people to have rock music blasted at them for perhaps more than two hours a day. If you think this is a non-issue, I would suggest that you spend 70 minutes every morning blasting the music you hate most at yourself before you get to work. When you leave work spend 40 minutes standing at a bus stop and then blast the same music at yourself for another 70 minutes before you get home. See how trivial it is then.

Driving habits…even bus stops have signs warning footpath users not to be hit in the head by the mirror of the approaching bus because the drivers aren’t skilled enough to avoid pedestrians heads…

I think the biggest problem with DB is that it is managed, run and used by people who, largely, have not experienced anything better and cannot imagine anything better. Those who have travelled widely, lived or were born and raised abroad, are fighting a hard battle against people who think ‘it’s good enough and if you want better you’re overreacting’.



State-run bus companies are rarely at the frontier of technological change.

But there are hundreds of city bus systems all over Europe with highly visible lessons for DB management.

Much of this is pretty obvious - time-based ticketing, use middle doors, no pay the driver - but they refuse to even try.

I think there is a bit of a false narrative about the unions. I think they are so powerful because management fails in so many ways.


I think you’re being a bit too harsh on the drivers, most of them are grand but I do admit to meeting the odd asshole from time to time

There are a few simple ways to improve the service IMO, the number of stops should be cut in half and they need to stop taking cash on the bus, I doubt the drivers would have any problem with things like that

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