Strike Season


Since 2014 Public Service Uncertified Sick Days are limited to 7 days in a rolling 2-year period.


You’ve never worked in the public sector - but you know they work as hard as the private sector? What do you base that on? I can tell you for a fact, that when I worked in a large civil service office, when things got quiet we would have processed the day’s post by noon, I asked could I still work up flexitime - of course. Now I’m not sure how that benefits the employer more than it benefited me. I’m pretty sure that nurses that stay late get overtime rather than TOIL.

I have to say that some sick leave is due to poor management - in a number of offices where I worked, supervisors liked to have the same amount of people in every day, despite the fact that our workload/targets were set weekly. So for instance, in an office with a predominately young workforce, we were told that only two people per section could have the Monday after Electric Picnic off. Some attendees made it to work XD, some didn’t :sick:.

I did predict that someone would be along after morning break to debunk our tales. Unusually this time it’s a self employed person, with no public sector experience.


It’s a good thing you didn’t bet on your prediction… I didn’t try to debunk your tales. I stated that there are good and bad workers in both the PS and the private sector. Or are you going to tell me that you sat on your hole and did no work, took every sick day you could and ‘engineered’ time off. If so, you should be ashamed of yourself.


I hit every target I was given, typically this took between 1 and 4 hours per day. Overtime was freely available, there was no effort to use flexitime to cover staff shortages or busy periods. Supervisors do not like it when you ask for extra work. I took one sick day I shouldn’t have, in five years, because apparently I was required along with three others to staff a helpline - total calls received that day - 13.

Any other questions?

Maybe tell us more about your self employment.

Why should I be ashamed of honesty? I’d much rather work somewhere where promotion/rewards were based on effort and results than time served and ass kissing.


And you have just proven my point, thank you. And fair play to you for being an honest and diligent worker, I mean that.
I have been self-employed for about 25 years. Before that I worked in the private sector and before that briefly in semi-state. At this stage of my life I am very sure that in all areas of employment, PS, private and self-employed there are people who are honest in their work practices and there are those who are not. I’ve also learned that very few people work as hard as they claim to, and that is especially true for my own cohort - the self-employed.


I work front line in a hospital as an allied health professional. I work really hard. I had four kids and didn’t take one day off sick despite regularly running to puke in a toilet. I treat everyone I meet with the good humour and respect that I would appreciate if I were in their shoes. Why don’t these civil servants who watch good tax payers’ money being wasted send in anonymous emails to their TDs and higher level employees so the system can change. Please don’t go online and slag us all off. It’s not on.


And do I care how hard a self employed person works - no.
Do I care how hard someone in a government body, where there is a 3 or 6 month wait for their service works - yes. If the self employed person asks me for 12% extra because new entrants to their industry have a degree, I typically have a choice as to whether I pay or not, I don’t have this choice with the public sector. Some public sector workers deserve an increase, many deserve redundancy, almost all deserve better management. Maybe when I’m your age I’ll mellow and go, sure what does it matter, aren’t we all lazy, but I have a few years to go yet.


How did that pan out for Maurice McCabe?

Is it acceptable to go online and emphasise how hard you work if you are aware of others who are less diligent?

Do you honestly think that if I write to civil service management they would do anything? I can assure you that supervisors and managers where I worked were well aware of what goes on. I had conversations with many.

A TD’s relative worked in one of the offices I was in, when I left she’d been suspended on full pay for three years.


You’re right Me&Mi, slagging people off is wrong

But people are pissed off at the way things are going in this country, its the same shit all over again, and people can’t claim they don’t remember the Bertie era

I really wish the unions and their members (I’m one too BTW) would look at issues other than pay, if a pay rise for nurses leads to a domino of pay claims, how does anyone win if we go bust again


IMHO, we have a leadership problem.

TDs get a pay rise totalling nearly €1k today

  • This was the **2nd pay rise **of last year. :open_mouth:

(The risings cost of living hasn’t helped & I can understand people not wanting to feel left behind especially when they see their TD’s milking it.)
Seeing all this & looking at the national debt, I can only ¯_(ツ)_/¯ & smh.
Anyway, we are where we are.


I did. You threw it back at me. You really need to lose some of that bitterness, it is not good for a person.


During the building boom I played golf with a plumber who boasted that he could take two days off midweek to play golf because he was able to charge people so much that he didn’t need to work any more than three days. The people paying him did not have a choice, because every other plumber was charging the same kind of crazy money. Capitalism demands that people in business achieve the maximum profit for the least amount of input.


I agree 100% and the same can be said for the private sector. And you do pay for the waste in the private sector, it’s just that it’s not so obvious.


As you know well from your work, there are bitter people out there, continue to treat them with equanimity and take good care of yourself. The majority of people are grateful for the work you do, they don’t expect you to kill yourself.


As I said, maybe great age will mellow me.


I pay my plumber €250 a day, invoiced. €400 if he brings a helper (+ vat). He can play all the golf he likes as far as I’m concerned. His rates to me haven’t changed since '05.


Keep digging that hole. Ultimately you have no control over how much you pay for plumbing other than to choose the best price from the available plumbers. Likewise, you can choose between supermarkets for your shopping but, the fact is, all supermarkets build the cost of absenteeism and lazy workers into their prices. So it looks like you’re never going to get away from all those lazy bast*rds pretending to be sick and living on your dollar.


Is that what you tell your clients? “I don’t work particularly hard, but don’t mind the price, sure the everyone’s the same?” I’m starting to suspect you may be a professional, in a profession with significant barriers to entry. (The snotty remark re plumbers was a bit of a give away).


Are you kidding! Yours was the snotty remark.

And how much do you pay your servants?
You pay whatever you have to or you don’t get any plumbing done. And I don’t tell my clients anything, I simply send them an invoice as agreed. I am certainly not in a protected profession. On the contrary, I am in a niche area that has declined dramatically in recent years and I shall be getting out some time this year.


Ok, I play the person who provides my plumbing services €250 a day + vat and don’t sneer at how he spends his leisure time. God forbid a manual worker play golf.

I’d strongly advise you to consider the public sector, your “ah sure isn’t everyone lazy and it’s best not to worry about the cost of things” would make you ideal for a management position.