Stripped out house. Repossession

Occassionaly you happen across adverts like this. … ly/993686/

Can one assume that where every kitchen white good has been ripped out, power showers and enclosures and electric fires removed that the property is a repossession.

I came across something like this about 2 years ago.
The previous tenants were junkies.
Everything was sold to buy drugs - cooker, washing machine, triton shower unit and the copper wire behind the wall.

Looks like there is a notice on the front door.

For 85k, they could have made a better effort to clean up a bit before taking the pics.

Looks like the shower was leaking? Or it had some sellable tile around the base.

Or copper piping.

As an aside, is there anything that screams “rental property” more than the ‘4 tiles above the sink’ set up (pic 9)? Do people not realise water can splash a lot further?? False economy imo.