Struggling to Rent - "Don't Mention Sustainable Immigration" - David Quinn


Generally 18/19% is bandied about in terms of the official stats on the population not born here, and of that about a quarter may be from the UK, and maybe another quarter or so from Poland

But we’ve gone beyond 5m since the last census so the 2016 headcount is already well out of date, plus of course how realistic is this, given many will not fill in census forms.

White Irish is quite widely used in stats/reports that I’ve seen, not sure we should go down the road of making our population stats overly ‘politically correct’


I know term “white Irish” is widely used (now)…Since when?

I think it’s new speak and has come into official use in the last 10-12 years.

The previous term if I recall was “Native Irish”.


We need them because immigrants from East/West Europe figure out that its just a scam and return home, I already know Croats pissed off with housing costs who plan to save as much money as possible for a year or two then go home, an immigrant from India/Pakistan/Africa is much more lightly to stay long term

We need to do everything possible to cut wages and push up rents/house prices


Yeah - bit shocked by that - we’ve had non-white native irish for a very long time - Phil Lynott, Paul McGrath for starters, there’s loads of ‘pure dub’ kids of Asian and African origin - I’ve come across a few in interview situations. There have been Indians in particular working in IT and Health for over 20 years - their kids have been born here and gone through college. It’s the kind of thing that really messes with the heads of the racist wing of the anti-immigration movement - and you don’t have to scratch very deep to find that attitude in Dublin.


It’s interesting to see the different behaviour of the Eastern Europeans in the building trade this time around - they’re very carefully not putting down roots. They rent outside Dublin in all-male house shares - they share a car drive in to start work at 7 and clear out at 3 - the sites are all accomodating this. They’re making very good money but this time they’re saving it. In the early 2000s they were all out on the jar - you don’t see that now. Some made the mistakes the last time round and others have learnt from those that did. There will be a massive clear out when this building boom ends.


I have Indian colleagues who are availing of this arrangement


Are we observing a muted return in income tax revenues, e.g. people working here for six months p.a. to maximise tax credits/bands on a multi annual basis?


Rental sector has been chronic for years, maybe half a decade or more in terms of supply.

Rents soar by almost 7% as housing stock continues to dwindle - Daft report

…On November 1st, there were just 1,460 properties listed as available to rent nationwide, 820 of which were in Dublin - the lowest number on record for the county.


What’s the current empty gaffs figure at?


An oldie but, different times… Daftwatch Rentals to hit 13000 by Tuesday 3rd June ?