Stupid things EAs say


:open_mouth: what a strange comment, not to mention how stupid it was from his own point of view and then not to even remember it!


My son was two months premature, so was tiny as a result, I had at least one person comment that they thought that I was carrying a doll around.
He’s now 5cm taller than me.


Conveniently located for the Bus! :laughing:

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Masterful! This is presumably the estate agent equivalent of a phd thesis. A lesser person might just white “A ground floor apartment in Dun Laoghaire”, but that’s why the estate agents are estate agents and they’re not. 5 points deducted for missing an opportunity to say “deceptively spacious”, though.

The description also mentions the brands of all items in the kitchen (which is one of those kitchens where the cooker has been carefully placed to make it almost impossible to use), even though they’re mostly from the cheaper end of the DID electrical catalogue. Do estate agents get paid by the word, or something? There seems to be an awful lot of padding going on here.

Bonus; it’s close to about 15 things!


“This superb property was built in 1934 and retains much of it’s post-war era charm”

Are we to stretch an era back 16 years to when the first world war ended or to 5 years before the 2nd started?


Surely the war ended in 1923?


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From 1909 Mr L.C. Money defined the upper middle class as those earning more than £700. From the 1901 Census, for instance, we learn that the residents of Temple Road, Rathmines, were at the upper end of the social scale. Five were members of the higher professions, six were proprietors of large businesses, such as George Jacob, the biscuit manufacturer, and five widows and two single ladies had independent means. All the households employed servants, with eleven having two, two houses having three and three households, four: two employed a male servant, which was considered a status symbol. Louie Bennett said of Temple Road in the 1880’s, it “was the refuge of highly respectable business people, anxious to escape from the social zone allotted to the world of trade and commerce” and of the people “we wore good manners all the time”



Sherry Fitz are shameless


It’s a great location, yes, but it’s a not a nice house.


what do you do with an estate agent who is promising you one thing only to have the clients solicitor deny outright what the said auctioneer has said

im trying to buy another BTL at the moment and the place has no proper map , apparently im being unreasonable in wanting a reduction in price , will cost me a grand plus to get a surveyor to map the place , have to put first reg on it too


Consider walking away if you don’t have local knowledge and personal influence.
Title battles appearing out of fresh air after you have transferred finds could be hurtful to your wellbeing.


Land registry map costs circa €300 - ask the vendor to provide.

As this is a sellers marker, they force you into a position where you have a decision to make.


Any property those title was previously registry with the Registry of Deeds now needs to be registered with the Land Registry. This process is not particularly involved but does require whoever is registrying the title to present a Land Registry compliant map.


im aware of that and for some reason or other when i asked for a 3% discount ( post sale agreed ) for having to put first registration on the property , the vendor agreed

getting a map as a basis for putting first registration is now the problem , spoke to a geomatics surveyor and he said worst case scenario it could cost up to 1500 quid to map the place but said he only ever seen that once , he said the missing map is potentially hiding a boundary dispute of some kind , i asked him outright if we start out with nothing , can we get a map prepared which will satisfy the land registry and he said that is not what hes afraid of , he reckons either they are too amateurish to bother getting a map or are trying to hide a boundary dispute

house is really cheap but would be anyway due to the fact it flooded in 2014 , significant flood prevention measures were taken in the area since however and more are planned , house was fully dry lined and re wired , its perfect


To be fair they have given you a 3% discount because you are taking responsibility for completing first Land Registy registration.

Had I given you that discount - the cost of providing the map would be your problem.


of course but in truth the cost of putting first reg on it is less than the reduction in price , i told them they could put first reg on it if they wished and that i would honour the original price , surprised they went with it

if no map was provided , is that something which can be overcome , is my geomatic surveyor correct ?


Completing the first registration can take between 6 & 12 months.

And yes, any engineer should be able to provide a pragmatic solution.


Shaking my head when I read this on Saturday … 03244.html


this guy is really talking up this semi d

The current owners undertook a substantial and expensive overhaul of this home to ensure it now offers excellent accommodation, coupled with a super address at value impossible to match with any other home in Mount Merrion. With builders as rare as hens teeth and prices soaring, this stunning home allows one move right in without a such a headache


Bad copy click-bait :wink: