Stupid things EAs say

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“Pirton House has it all, great location, mature address, period features, newly built, cinema, hot tub, private gardens, spacious bedrooms, too many bathrooms, basement bar, and surely one of the most impressive homes of a different market and time.”

How many is too many bathrooms?


Yeah, lots of random capitalisation and this unlikely sentence:
“This home now offers credentials of the future here in the present”. What?


For this Galway apartment, one ‘stunning’ in a sentence simply won’t do:

‘…stunning manicured lawns, shrubberies and stunning views of Galway Bay & the Clare Hills.’ … ay/2609070

BTW I’m not finding much housing designed for older people in Galway City and thereabouts.

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Words fail but you can be assured you get the front of property in the sale and a well used toilet will be the deal breaker…

:open_mouth: :open_mouth:


What about this howler… :laughing:
Secondary Schools & Primary schools are minutes walk away, GAA clubs, bus routes, doctors and shopping centres are all close-by as well as the M50 motorway which leads to only been minutes drive away from the Red Cow roundabout which leads you to all major roads.

Which leads you to the airport which leads you to the south of France… :laughing: It’s a bargain… 8DD


I know I’m petty but…

Nice to know there are 3 trees within 10 minutes drive!

(Additionally, this claim that there are 3 beaches within 10 minutes drive is false. More like 20.
I know…petty.)

Am I petty though?
If I was selling a property, and availed of an EA for their ‘expertise’, the very least I would expect is any advertisement of the property to at least be well articulated with good/proper diction.

Admittedly, I am one of those people who will downgrade my estimation of someone for their misusing of there,they’re and their! :-GC


Ross O’Carroll Kelly nails it today … 509?page=1


From … -4/2967322

I count 12 grammar/spelling error in the above. Did I miss any?

Gunnes Terenure covering themselves in glory.


It reads like William Burroughs but less encapsulating.


I’ll see your 12 and raise you 20 … I corrected it in tracked changes in Word but alas it won’t copy and paste properly in here.


That’s good going! I do see three more I missed actually.

Also, is something “comprising of” its constituents? I would have used “comprising” but I’m not 100% sure.

Can you screenshot and post that way?


The worst misuse of the word ‘spacious’ I’ve seen by an EA, and that’s really saying something in this country: … -8/2978382

All 398ft² of it.


Spacious for a one bed? Or he/she is including the courtyard as living space as it’s located in a really hot country, oh wait…


Reminds me of Basil Fawlty being asked whether one of his hotel rooms was “airy”. “Well, there’s air in it” he replied.

The ad also contains this wonderful phraseology: “Doors offering way to bedroom…” Excuse me, what?


Yes - I’m sick of having to climb through a window every time I need to go to bed.


4 beds, hmmmm could be interesting…

OK the fourth is an attic room, fine…

Oooooh, all four bedrooms noted, high standard, loads of room…tell me more

Aaaah, there’s the rub

It’s 3 bedrooms

#38 … -3/2983362




I presume they are Eastenders characters?


It’s actually been listed twice, once as a 4-bed and once as a 3-bed so just pick the one that takes your fancy… … -4/2946234