Stupid things EAs say


Yeah, they shop the same one into every ad. Been doing it for years.


Ha! Once you see it you can’t unsee it. … in/2819904 … in/2798768 … in/2876250 … in/3069373 … in/2953054 … 18/2881121 … in/2809710 … in/2985697 … in/3142166 … in/3082762 … 18/2785013 … 18/2744079



Man you have too much time on your hands




Probably true given all the attention heaped on the kitchen (love the chandelier!).


Also know as… a shed (see picture 14) … in/3179183


:laughing: Also, that price. Wow


Not sure what’s daft about this.
There’s a clue in the use of capital letters. There’s obviously some value to telling people who are interested that the “shed” is actually a garden room from Botanic Living.


“would benefit from some light refurbishment, but is priced accordingly.” … -9/3203582

#90 … -9/3204969

This whole ad had me screaming with laughter. Whoever wrote it has been watching way too much Downton Abbey.


the photos all look like crime scene shots


I’d never heard of Botanic Living until now. So it’s like saying there’s a Seomra in the back garden.


Well there certainly should be another comma in there.

I’d suggest:

“would benefit from some light**,** refurbishment, but is priced accordingly.”


You’re forgetting tis Glanmire, boy.

Yeah, ridiculous ad. (Although the main road is the other side of the railway line, so probably not as noisy as you envisage.)


Sale agreed in the current climate is a fairly stupid one slso




What is it about the location that necessitated the use of the onomatopoeically robust adjective:


Technically correct (but only in the middle of summer).


A house I am a little interested in has recently come up, with a small independent EA who is trying to make a name for herself etc etc. On the MyHome map she has put it in completely the wrong estate, not even close to where it really is. I’m saying nothing, it should keep the numbers down at the viewing :smiley:


Can’t remember where I saw it now, but there was one a while ago advertised with the phrase “deceptively light-filled”. Presumably most of the light is ultra-violet or something.