Stupid things EAs say


Ahh - that’s fair enough. It’s potentially just as valid as ‘deceptively spacious’. If it looks stolid and gloomy from outside / the front, but it’s bright inside, then I’d have no problem with that.


I think it means you think it’s full of light, but on closer examination they’re just antiphotons.


I just noticed that Savills have misspelled “PSRA” on their signs.


Pet hate of mine when ads start with:

‘Seldom does a … Property/House/Site…’

Generally means that said property is way overpriced and the EA is trying to create a sense of opportunity.


Churches cover themselves in glory with this listed at €36,995, or €38/sq ft. … in/3322405


Very funny indeed, but quite the gaffe all the same.


Quillsens just opened their brand new office in Ballsbridge, with their new motto proudly displayed:
“We open to close”.

Right so. Would be a good spot for a restaurant.


30 Willbrook House, Ranelagh, Dublin 6
€180,000 - Studio 34.32 m² / 369 ft² For Sale



All of this:

"Rarely does such a find as this idyllically positioned, architectural gem, that is 6 The Pierre, come available. Janet Carroll is delighted to offer for sale one of the most fabulous apartments on the coast of South County Dublin. Built c. 1830, is the first floor, two bedroom home was the show apartment when the Pierre Hotel was converted in 2007. Designed by award winning architect Niall Brennan, in this magnificent period listed building which has all the features one would expect including high ceilings, excellent natural light and rooms of great proportions. Just a few steps to the seafront, it offers spectacular views of the East Pier and panoramic sea views, including sensational sunsets from Dublin City to Sandycove.

Both the town centre, the Peoples Park, the new library and the DART are just a few minutes walk away. The East Pier is virtually on your doorstep.

Dun Laoghaire is a very historical location. It began as a small fishing village located on a rocky coast at the beginning of the west Pier, which was renowned for its production of salt. The harbour was built in 1817.
The East Pier is one mile long. It cost over one million pounds to build and 600 men were employed to build it. The Pier was one of the greatest engineering projects undertaken in nineteenth-century Ireland.

Today Dun Laoghaire is a Mecca for enthusiasts of water sports with centres of excellence in the fields of yachting, sailing and windsurfing. The famous forty foot promontory is close by for all who wish to swim in its deep waters. " … in/3355752

Can someone keep this person away from a keyboard?


I don’t like the sound of that.


Did The Prophet have an opinion on “watersports”? I don’t remember reading anything specific about it. Seems harmless enough.



There is harm in the simplest of things. I think it comes down to whether or not you engage in watersports in the inner harbour or out in the open sea?

Certainly if you were concerned about seeing another blokes ‘satr’ you be better off avoiding the Forty Foot.


I have dealt with that EA. Her business card has a picture of her face on it.


Des Lalor thinks I have a terminal illness. Thanks, Des.


More wonderful prose:

“The Orchard and Fortfield Road need no introduction, renowned as always being a highly sought after and popular residential location with so few homes ever coming to the market within this exclusive development.”

And in case you have difficulty with the meaning of ‘proximity’:

“The property is in very close proximity to Bushy Park – a short stroll and you`re in the beautiful setting of the park!”


“The bright, cleverly designed interior is laid out over two floors and extends to an impressive 125.5sq.m”

The clever design consists of a sitting room, living room and kitchen on the ground floor, and 4 bedrooms on the first floor. Stunningly innovative. … 6w/3272478


I used to just dislike EA’s, not every fibre in my being detests them, they are up there with Ryan Tubridy.


Laughed at this today: … -4/3395080

Was reading the description and thought it all sounded a bit familiar…

Then I read my blog post on the property from some months ago (it just came on the market today): … -dublin-4/

Absolutely gas - literally word for word. I don’t mind at all anyway- maybe they’ll drop me a line to write their blurbs from now on? :laughing:

(Redacted the house number to save the EA in question from any bad publicity! They’re usually grand to deal with and have nothing against them.)


What dildos. At the very least they should have said “As featured in Ireland’s Great Estates”…


Eh, a 1% fee on that sales price is €46,500.

They have plagiarized your work. Send them an invoice FFS! 1% of that fee is €465. You’d get a weekend away out of that.

DO IT!!!


Based on the undoubted plagiarism… just pop them a quick invoice for the copy that they used. Payable within 30 days - you’re not unreasonable. :-GC :-GC