Stupid things EAs say

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Except for the hundred acres thing. Also, no bears (one hopes).


I’ve nothing against A.A Milne’s bear as long as he doesn’t stick his fist in my honey!


Christ on a rothar. Vomitous.

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From this:

I suspect some form of Estate Agent Tourettes. That ‘heavenly’ probably sneaked in without the EA even noticing they’d typed it. Also, the most envious of locations? Envious of what?

It is just under a kilometre away.

Bonus oddity:

It’s an apartment; I hate to think where the tank is… Maybe they mean a building heating system, I suppose.


In fairness Worstpigeon, that location is excellent.


Oh, it is, absolutely. ‘Heavenly’ is pushing it, though.


“purgatorial”? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Now just imagining this, with an apartment block crudely photoshopped in.


how is this house an “OFF MARKET PROPERTY” when it’s clearly on the market? … in/3435027


By “Off Market” this EA seems to mean that they are simply not giving the house number. It’s a bit bizarre (what are they trying to hide?) and very off-putting as a buyer.


Might be as simple as no EA sign outside. People are weird.


My guess: Divorce or sale being forced by bank. They don’t want the neighbours to know.


tbh this is a recurring thing with this particular agent… maybe he thinks it adds a sense of mystery to the whole thing… :nin


This would put me off even viewing; can’t even see what aspect it has. If you have unlimited time to do viewings or a very restricted set of things you’re looking at, fair enough, but I prefer to use my limited viewing time to look at things where the EA has given enough info to make it seem like a prospect.


Hmm ok …since anyone remotely interested (for whatever reason) gets the number with a quick call or text anyway… a red flag to any potential buyer.

so one can put up random pics of the inside of house with a no number address and see how many calls I get for a particular area to test the market?
(not saying that’s whats happening here …just saying)


€375k wow