Stupid things EAs say


20 All Saints Road, Raheny

No BER of course, most likely D something or so.

Like the maths though:

And he’s really trying to sell it with them pictures. All that beauty yours for just 350K. Nice area though.


You can get 3 apartments of that size in anywhere outside of Dublin such as Galway, rent them out, have income of ~2000-2500 coming in from them, thats more than enough then to rent larger places anywhere in Raheeny with option to move if your job requires…


50% tax is the killer though - you would be lucky to find a decent one-bed for €1,250 a month!


You’d also be relying on the rental market in your target non-Dublin place not collapsing. Given the recent past, this is not a bet I’d like to make (rents in Dublin never got particularly low during the crisis, but rents in many regional areas essentially went to 0).


True enough on both counts, might be better idea to leave the country altogether getting a job elsewhere hence your income in Ireland will only be from the rentals.


Ross O Carroll Kelly on Hooke Lyon and Sinker again… … -1.2602209


Woodbank, St. Georges’s Avenue, Killiney Hill Road, Killiney, County Dublin
€1,750,000 - 6 Bed Detached House 3215 ft² / 298.68 m² For Sale … in/3588100

Praying they’re taking the p***… :open_mouth:


May be on the deeds or folio but someone can’t do their conversions because 2 roods and 18 perches(statute) is 0.61 statute acres

However 2 roods and 18 perches (Irish) is approximately 1 statute acre which still means their figures are off


Curiously, Irish Times saying 0.62 acres, which was presumably supplied by the agent, so that would make more sense and tie into the 2 roods and 18 perches measurement.

Love the house, gardens and road - owners selling up after nearly 50 years there.


There was one a while back advertising that it was a short stroll from Trinity, the RDS, the Bord Gais Theatre, and UCD. So few houses come with a wormhole these days! It was actually in Sandymount, I think, so at least 30 minutes to some of them, which is stretching the definition of “short stroll” just a little.


Shocked that they label it Dundrum - try Ballinteer and even then it is closer to the Dublin Mountains than Supavalu! I remember seeing one place a couple of months back that was right underneath the google maps ‘Rathfarnham’ label, but on Myhome it was listed as Rathgar.


I think they may be ok calling it Dundrum, but its Dundrum, Dublin 16, not 14.


The return of the drive-by ad: €1.25m and only a poor exterior picture. Oh, and the address is missing. … in/3596256

Luckily we can derive the address from the BER cert; if you are the tenants of 29 Hampton Park, Booterstown it’s time to look for a new gaff.

#154 … pertyAlert


I viewed a number of houses around the Dalkey/Sandycove area yesterday with some prospective ex-pat buyers who are veterans of more than one purchase in the UK. Not to name names, but the estate agent was a company with the same initials as a well-known left wing Republican political party. The buyers asked the EA why vendors are never present in the house during a showing – completely the opposite of the norm in the UK. The EA replied with a completely straight face, and I quote: “the vendor mightn’t have much experience of selling and they might say the wrong thing”.


Apart from the formulaic ‘second to none’ comment I think the description of this house is spot on. Succinct, tells me all I need to know and the writing style is very good (IMO). The listing itself could do with floorplans and dimensions though


Were they trying to match the period property with a period writing style? …
“The subject property” is “superiorly positioned” with “a small rear single storey extension thereon”?


Maybe Mr Micawber wrote it


EA came round to take photos and measure up my house for sale.

Using a laser measure.

I challenged him on this absurdity. He was adamant that he has a legal and ethical obligation to tell the truth.

I have no words.


Pity they didn’t get the insulation sorted!