Sub-€300K 4 bed detatched in Navan - further drop possible

Howiya folks, long time lurker, first-time poster. Have been watching this property since Easter

It’s now at €295K, down from €385K last year

Nice estate, close to town centre, can it co any lower…?


Pay the full ask my good man.

A bit more history… … &Site=daft

Actually, you should pay a little extra to make sure you get it yourself.

There not making anymore of Navan.

Thanks God.

About €150k I think

Unemployment rising, taxes rising, national debt rising, massive oversupply, interest rates at all time lows and inevitably rising.

Those are da fundamentals. You decide.

And you’re in Navan.

Sure, it’s a palindrome but that ain’t a selling feature… :open_mouth: