First some MSM coverage:

The shortage stories have been bubbling well in advance of this event, however I’d expect it gets used to act as the touchstone for the coming shortages and price inflations, or maybe not.

Maybe it will get unblocked sooner rather than later and all is well and there is nothing much else to this even, nothing at all.

Global trade: $87.5T

Amount of global trade that goes through Suez Canal: 12%
87.5T * 0.12 = $10.5T
$10.5T / 365 = $28.76B/Day
$28.76B / 24 = $1.2B/Hour
$1.2B / 60 = $19.977M/Minute


Newsweek are on the job:


Surely they can come up with something better.

There is a Russian Navy ship stuck behind it afterall.
It was on it’s way to the mediterranean and had a bump 2 days ago too.

As Q would say. Watch Syria.


Indeed, it causes a strategic issue for world Navies too but as an economic target / supply lines it’s super duper valuable - whom or what does it harm/benefit the most?

Cui Plagalis / Cui Bono




Death Spiral: EYES WIDE SHUT

  • Environmental change is outpacing adaptation.

  • Public health issues and pandemics are overwhelming the healthcare system.

  • The domestic food supply is severely distressed.

  • Government is heavily influenced by businesses and the wealthy.

  • There is conflict among communities and economic strata.

  • The lower classes are deeply dissatisfied.

  • Businesses and local governments take on responsibilities traditionally held by the federal

US Coast Guard (PDF):



PANIC! MILITARY SHIPS LINE THE EU COAST…U.S.SUBS BLOCKING ENTRANCE TO MEDITERRANEAN SEA AT GILBRALTER /SUBS RUSSIAN AND U S BLOCKING South Atlantic oceans/ 90% EU WARSHIPS home lining coast/ West coast Pacific u.s. fleets near China/NK|| Suez canal blocked!
(Yep Something’s up)

Even… and private search engines are beginning to scrub their Walls of information. Connected to Syria … SAUDI Bombings and military forces positioning…///





Here’s today’s overview of the continued logjam at the Suez Canal:

  • Ever Given Partially Refloated At Stern
  • At Least 20 Vessels Carrying Livestock Stuck At Canal
  • IKEA Warns Containers Filled With Goods Blocked By Suez Crisis
  • Vessels Already Diverting Course from Suez Canal To Cape Of Good Hope
  • US Navy Arrives Saturday To Assess Ever Given
  • 300 Vessels Waiting To Traverse Canal
  • Tanker Rates For Suezmax Vessels climb to $17k Per Day
  • Suez Blockage Results In Rising Container Prices From China To Europe
  • Tugboats And Dredging Ships Were Unsuccessful In Refloating Ever Given
  • Bloomberg Report Process To Refloat Ever Given Could Take Until Next Wednesday
  • Shoei Kisen, The Japanese Owner Of Ever Given, Aims To Dislodge Vessel From Canal Bank By Saturday
  • Suez Canal Authority (SCA) To Cooperate With US To Refloat Ever Given


Spock Eyebrow


Suez Ark


Thar She floats!

Video @ Src:


Still in the canal it seems, on the water.

An 'awl random tweet from way back in June 2020: