Suggestion for new topic/forum

I’m new to posting, so this may be very wide of the mark, in which case, please just ignore me, don’t slag me off.

The price drops pages here were invaluable in cutting through the cant about the state of the market when the bubble became completely obvious to anyone who wanted to see the truth. They weren’t reflected in the overall statistics, partly because of lags in the availability of the statistics.

What we have at the moment in the labour market is something similar. Many of us know someone who’s had pay cuts in the private sector, and this fact (‘fact’?) has been thrown around at the pay talks (RIP). But there are no statistics on this.

How about a ‘pay cuts’ topic? Or a ‘pay cuts & job losses’ one?

Okay, so it’s not directly on the property bubble topic, but since the state we’re in was largely caused by the property bubble, it’s not completely off topic, I think.

There’s a review of the entire site underway emerald.

It has been for some time! Something will out, we may open a public consultation!

We do have a ‘job losses’ thread. viewtopic.php?f=19&t=516

We don’t have a ‘pay cuts’ thread. I see no harm in starting one if people would find it useful.

It could go in ‘the central bank’ forum as an ‘irish economy’ related topic.

A three day week thread would be good too. Lots of small firms are on 3 day week already.

What about a sustainable Ireland thread i.e. what we need to do as a nation to get back on track after the shambles has resided. Everything from openness to education to manufacturing.

We have the post bubble forum for threads like that. (viewforum.php?f=12)

That’s the Vision Thread or The Cunning Plans for Economic Recovery thread… And just about every rant by every pinster ever!!!

Any chance of a “New Thread Suggestions” thread? 8)

That’s what this open development forum is for

emeraldirl, have you any thoughts on where to get data to supply these statistics?

for price drops, we have daft, myhome and other sites (as well as tools for them) which we can reference

No, that’s the problem - that’s where the comparison with house prices break down. It would have to be self-reported, or hearsay. So not as powerful, but I still think better than nothing.