Suggestions for South Dub please?

I am hugely confused about things and hope you guys have some insight.
I want to buy a 3/4 bed house, I have 2 kids, a wife and ready to settle permantenly at almost 30 y.o.
So I have about 300k to spend, and I want to buy in South Dublin.

I have been looking at a few different places. Originally considered west Dublin - Rathcoole & Saggart (far from Dub, bad public transport), Lucan (too big, too far away from village) but have started ruling them out for various reasons.

So, really, I am looking for some suggestions for my budget:

Firhouse falls perfectly in my price range (330 for a 3 bed, figure in min 10% off), is a nice place, and should have some money left over to improve house or garden.
The prices in Knocklyon (which is basically separted from Firhouse by a road, & is Dub 16), and prices vary immensly there, from 360 to 500 for 3/4 beds. Any idea on true value here?

I had a look around Rathfarnham, seems Ballyboden may be coming down to my range, and maybe Nutgrove.
Also had a look around Walkinsown, I don’t know much about the area, but there are places close to Tymon Park and Templeogue which seem to be nice, again, in about the 300-400 range.

So, as it is such a big decision, thought I’d throw it out and see what you guys think about the area to concentrate on?

Also, I have been browsing forums for a few months, and only in past 2 weeks started actively setting up viewings, amazingly, 3 houses I wanted to view went Sale Agreed in that time, so now I am getting very worried that there is some pent up demand from people like me, who were waiting in the wings for a few years for a price drop… :frowning:

thanks in advance

You have €300k cash? Is that correct?

templeogue side of tymon would be far better than firhouse imo.
4 miles from the city, close to m50 etc, good schools, settled area.
Not sure you’ll get anything for 300 there today.

Did you try looking at churchtown? If you are a cash buyer then I think you could strike lucky in this area. There are a lot of 3/4 beds in this area that are down in the early 400s and a few in the late 300s. It’s a very nice area and I think prices will soften here before they do north of the Dodder. You might not get anything in this season but if you hold your fire I think reality will set in to prices here quite soon. My guess is that 4 bed houses in this area will be around 250k when the dust settles. Good luck in your search.

I’d tend to agree with that - also the public transport vastly improves when you hit Templeogue Bridge coming from Firhouse.

That said, Firhouse is a great place to live, and there’s that much in between them…

Wait for Knocklyon to hit €300k for a 3-bed semi-d*. Then we’ll be within the realms of normality. And I don’t mean Ballycullen or Greater Firhouse by the way…Knocklyon proper. Should be well within 3 years. Rent and save till then. In my opinion as an amateur.

  • And I mean, you and your family in the house for €300k, so include all costs and fees in that.

First time buyer, bank approval, can spend 300k total

Yes, I was thinking this would be a good spot, but I am not familiar with the area there. I wanted to view a house in my price range there but it went sale agreed a few days before I rang the estate agent. Will keep an eye out

For better or worse I want to buy this year, 1 kid will be starting school soon, and tbh, I’m sick of renting and being in a state of flux.

I saw a large 3 & 1/2 bed (the smallest bedroom wouldn’t classify as a box room in my eyes, only suitable for a small child, or convert to en suite) in Knocklyon today, it needed a lot of work done - needed double glazing, new carpets and wallpaper/paint, a few new doors, and the kitchen could do with a spruce up. 340K. EA said owner turned down offer of 335, whihc sounded like a lie to be fair.

Thanks for the Churchtown suggestion above, never been there in my life, will have a look around now

If you were considering Lucan there are some very nice places 5mins walk from the village well within your price range now. I’ve been living here 10 years but am almost an hours walk to the village, I am moving but would be happy to stay if I were closer to the village and didn’t have family on the Sth side. Schools are very good here too, in fact I feel a bit bad leaving the area just as my daughter is due to start school.

Well good luck to you so. I have no advice for you.You seem determined to throw away money and enter instant negative equity.Willfully entering in to this is mindless! :angry:

Not always easy to be this hard-headed though. I’m in a similar spot, kid coming, unsuitable accommodation, permanent job, want to get somewhere I can stay in for good (currently chances of moving job are infinitesimally small). Hard to justify fucking around with the whole rigmarole of moving with the potential of having to do it all again in a couple of years time, and again etc.

Its only NE if he plans to sell it. In a sensible country what is normal price increase on a property, 4% ?

Is that you Crashandburn ? :laughing: :angry:

I see your point but for personal reasons I want to buy, and negative equity doesn’t bother me. Sure, there could be a disaster, but I work in IT which is stable enough for the forseeable future. My wife is also a professional at the start of her career, witha high earning potential in future.

Also, I am currently paying almost 14000 a year in rent…

A bit further south, these 2 estates are probably selling in the 350 range at the moment, and will be heading below 300 (IMHO): … -18/200645 … lin/112399

I haven’t totally ruled it out, I used to live in one of the old estates in Hillcrest for year, very nice & quiet, 5 min walk from bus, approx 10 min walk from village.
A friend of my wife recently bought in Esker, a corner house, 4 bed for 340 (priced at 380), it’s very nice, seems a good area, but as you say, miles from everywhere. That price still seems high to me, and I wouldn’t want to spend that much for Lucan.

And how much are you going to be paying per year in mortgage interest? How much are you going to be"paying" each year as the value of your house falls? How much are you going to spend on maintenance, insurance and furnishings?

Woodpark in Ballinteer always has plenty for sale. Out of your range at the moment. But rent for a year. And I think you will be much closer. Too much competition from overbuilt areas nearby. Loads of schools. Looks a great family area.
You are in a good position.
Build up a bigger deposit. And be patient a while longer. You are young yet.