SUITE NO 3 GRAND CANAL HOTEL, Ballsbridge (-55k)

I guess this is one of these deals where you can buy a hotel room.

Was 680k


Now 655k

how can they say

how do they know how the rent review will turn out?

Same hotel and what looks like a bigger suite (800 sq. metres as opposed to 55 sq. metres) for 580k must be a mistake no? :confused:

Anyway the above has also reduced it’s asking price …

… was 635k and has been on since November 07 as far as I’m aware.

What is also bizarre is that Suite No 3 was only asking for 650k back in August 07. I don’t understand why they are asking 5k more now than back in August and 70k more than a bigger apartment in the same hotel :confused:

They’re now asking 625k for Suite #3

But it’s still smaller than the other one.