Sukhois coming to Dublin

About time Ireland got some nice shiny Sukhois. :slight_smile:

I expect the announcement to be made before the end of this week and the total number of Sukhois to be ordered is 15.

where are you getting your information? avherald or somewhere closer?

Seems like an interesting plane because it is cheap compared to competitors but using older turbine technology which will probably result in higher fuel burn rates.

There isn’t much info about the economy or reliability of the plane outside of Russia.

If they can increase the local parts content then they have the potential to sell it cheaper or sell it more profitably or both.

Sanctions against them are a worry as the Europeans won’t want to be cut out of this market but Canadians and Brazilians have no global influence.

A friend is invited to the launch event. The sanctions you mentioned are to be lifted ( but this kind of thing is ALWAYS done discreetly and selectively of course) and on safety grounds post delivery …or so I was told. :slight_smile:

CityJet if you’ve heard the same I’ve heard? (Although the number I heard is a less than half of that - but maybe it’s split between a firm order and an option.)

I understood civilian planes were never covered by the sanctions in the first place so no need for any to be lifted for this.

I have no idea what people are talking about. … ian_crisis

EDIT: Ha! I’ve just noticed that City Jet is already listed on the first Wikipedia page as having ordered 15.

Now that would make the independence day flypast interesting!

Think we might have one delivered by April so a flyby is not off the cards entirely. :slight_smile:

It’s on the Wikipedia page as an order from CityJet of 15 aircraft.

One will probably double up as a spare government jet …cheaper than buying another Gulfstream and selling it for peanuts. Enda only has a Learjet nowadays and sure it it packed to the gills with hangers on half the time.

Arriving out mobhanded to Johnny Foreigner in a shiny Sukhoi has more je ne sais quoi …n’est pas Enda???

Fecks sake Barney. :smiley: :smiley:

That’s a Chinese Knockoff Sukhoi called a Shenyang J-11, can you not tell???

I’m not sending YOU to procure a new government jet and thats fer sure.

Stick to something safe Barney…I beg you.

Turned out to be an order for 15 SSJ100 planes, 4 to be delivered in 2016 and 11 in 2017. 10 more are optioned in future.