Summerville, Killiney

If you’re reading about this here for the first time, you can’t afford it but somewhere out there is a bazillionaire ready to drop 10 Million Euros on an Italianate villa in Killiney.

Wow, that must be a contender for one of the best house and gardens combination in Dublin!

If some of the local property developers suspects had their way they would buy it and stick up their shitty apartments all over the 5 acres. Luckily that sort of redevelopment of big old houses and gardens seems to be frowned on in Killiney, compared to Foxrock for instance.

Price drop of €1.1M. , now it can be yours for just €8.9M.

Onioneater knows his er…onions. This may attract developers who can abide the notion that a fine house might retain its gardens. It seems there has been significant development over the years on adjacent lands. As SherryFitz tell us

the private grounds are uniquely large, most especially within this highly desirable area, extending to some 5 acres or 2 hectares


For 8.5 Million. 15% drop from the original asking but a record for Killiney since Gorse Hill in 2017 (which fetched 9.5 Million after epic court battles).

A benchmark for upmarket properties pre-pandemic.

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It’s been on for a little over two years (May '18). Asking price dropped from €10m to €8.9m last October. It must have sold pretty quickly after that.

I spoke too soon. IT says

It turns out this wasn’t an open market transaction, and more likely an interfamily transfer of ownership, as this gorgeous property remains for sale seeking €8.9 million through selling agent Lisney.

I assume they mean intra-family. Either way, now’s your chance.