Suncroft Jobstown, Tallaght, Dublin 24, Co. Dublin, Ireland


I have been watching property online for last few months. Looking for a house( Not apartment). I aim for around €230k region max based on mortg limits. Feel prices still to come down around here… Could people that know the area what is it like especially Suncroft area? The houses look decent enough.

I gave a walk of lower part of Suncroft last week in morning time and though it was an ok area. See 27 bus goes to the area and starts from around there. near enough main n81 road there.

Suppose at end of day want to buy in area that settled and safe to walk in and out of.

Is this area safe? and what other estates in general area around Jobstown would you avoid/not buy in for safety purposes- Thanks!


Generally the quieter parts of Tallaght are the city side of the Square. Aylesbury, Old Bawn, Seskin/Millbrook lawns, Belgard, Kingswood, Bancroft are all nice areas, although they mightnt be at 230k yet for a 3 bed. Id guess that some of them may be by next Spring. Seskin/Millbrook in particular is quite affordable even now, located beside Dodder Valley Park which has a lovely walk all the way down as far as Knocklyon.

Beyond Jobstown in the direction of Saggart there is also De Selby which was a decent area also a few years back but havent been up there in a long time so could have changed.

You could also have a look at Saggart which is a bit further out and relatively affordable.

If youre looking to buy right away in that area at that budget you could do worse than have a look at Millbrook lawns. But most people would advise waiting for while to see what impact Covid-19 has on the economy and property prices over the next 6-12 months.


Don’t do it to yourself. I used to live in Dublin 24 in Saggart/Citywest and the Square and some of my friends from work were living or working in Jobstown. It’s super far from city and D24 is damn shithole.

Jobstown is area of joyride, drunk youth crowds and place where guys are coming to deli with a horse. Seriously it so damn bad if you are from the outside.


In fairness theres a big difference between somewhere like Firhouse and Jobstown or Killinarden, all of which are Dublin 24. Personally I wouldnt buy a house in west Tallaght ie the Saggart side of the Square (Killinarden, Fettercairn, Jobstown, Springfield etc) but would consider any of the areas I mentioned in the previous post.

Having said that, youll get better value if you go a bit further out. Somewhere like Blessington or even Baltinglass might be a better option than Tallaght in terms of what youll get …and not really that much further from Dublin city centre.

Ultimately however, youd need to be very sure of yourself to be committing to a mortgage in the current climate. And the work force in places like west Tallaght are likely to be harder hit should the economy tank as predicted by many.


yes I know there is big difference, but Jobstown/Fettercairn are one of the worse places I saw in Ireland. I met few decent people originally from the area, but it is overwhelmed by the really nasty people.

I worked in D24 as well in my early immigration days so I “get used to” burned cars or funny stuff happening on the other side of the fence at De Selby… yet I would never ever consider buying there or worse at the epicentre of the NO GO ZONE :wink: