Sunday Business Post-28 Oct 2007 -Don’t shoot the messengers … qqqx=1.asp

Good article. Sums up the McCarthy era style witchhunt for the “prophets of doom” in our midst.

Essential reading for Bertie and the VIs !

Our govt. should be concentrating on restoring some competitiveness in our economy, instead of granting themselves obscene salary increases whilsy simultaneously chastising anyone who has the temerity to suggest the emperor has no clothes ! All the latter does is to paint them as the bunch of fat-cat, disconnected muppets that they truly are !

You don’t have to be an expert to see it or warn people. In fact being an expert seems to have made some people slower to come around to the reality.

Good Article, but nothing you couldn’t have read on the Pin a year ago, or if you were quick you could have read it on AskAboutMoney in the 5 minutes it took to delete it.


Just another VI article.

“The economy’s fucked, please come and buy some of our gold and silver to protect yourself.”

This is grossly unfair. The author is in the business of selling investments in gold and other precious metals, but in no way could the article be regarded as a plug for that business. Here’s the only mention of gold in the piece:

*Financial analysts, economic historians and economists who have studied and written authoritatively on economic crises and recessions attribute them to a variety of reasons.

The primary one is them is management of money and credit; money printing and cheap money have led to many asset-class manias throughout history – from tulips to land to **gold *to stocks and property.

Anyway, everyone has vested interests - for example, lots of posters on here are waiting for the price of property to fall further before they buy. Should we as a result disregard everything they have to say on property prices?

If it was a bank economist saying the economy was going to be rosy, but didn’t even mention mortgages, he’d be lampooned for being a VI, talking up the economy because his paymasters force him to. He wouldn’t have to plug for business. I guess its ok to be a VI once you agree with his stated opinion. :confused:

As far as I know, no-one here is writing opinion pieces for national newspapers. I’m sure Mark O’Byrne would be calling people prophets of doom if they were warning of a collapse in gold prices.

I thought it was a fair piece…

You slated him because you claimed he was using his access to the press to plug investment in gold and silver. Whatever you think of his overall analysis, that doesn’t stand up. There is one minor mention of gold as an investment and that was in a negative context.

I have no idea what this is supposed to mean, nor what it’s relevance is to the article in question.