Sunday Indo: Can our housing rally really be over already?

The Sindo calls a dead cat bounce. That was unexpected.

So the Sindo is now more bearish than 2Pack and Dreaded Estate.

I need a Xanex.

They’re having an IT fiasco seem sllike article are appearing in a non-linear pre-scriptd fashion. Maybe they’ve been hacked. Maybe some jurno have UB accounts and are now lashign out. Who knows. :slight_smile:

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Of all the mass circulation rags in Ireland I would argue the Sindo is less dependent on property advertising than the Times or Daily Indo are.

To put it in the language of rent-a-quote property experts: “The rate of the decline of the decline is declining.”

Should it not read though “from a small .7 increase in March we are now declining back again to .5 then to .2 these past few months”. So the heading could read “small increase in property prices on the decline again” not that you would ever read that on any Irish newspaper.

Anyway “Its all he said she said” until the Real Property Prince** “ACTUAL SALE PRICE”** index comes out & we will all know very quickly how accurate it is as a few friends have sold up the last 2 years.

2Pack is now to be known as 2BOC !

2BOC and Dreaded Istate.

D Estate Agent :slight_smile:

Indo calling a dead cat bounce: is this the shoe shine moment?

Could be I suppose, although I think a ‘name’ would have to throw in the towel.

This lends new credibility for me to the theory that we may actually have hit the bottom.

‘Rally’ will not be over because the cash buyer-led demand has not yet been sufficiently satisfied.

Might the rally not be over because it is now close to getting too late to avail of this year’s mortgage relief, by the time the bidding process and conveyancing is done?

Maybe some of the Sindo staff and friends are out filling their boots with property and they’re trying to stall the price rises just until their deals go through. One thing you have to remember about Sindo staff is that they actually believe in the little world they vocalise through their nauseating rag.

I would have guessed that anyone who you might be referring to would already be loaded up on debt due to their belief in the little world they created 2004 through to 2010. Smart and Ballsy guys like.