Sunday Times 13 Jan 2007 - take aim and fire

This is utterly risible sh!te. (12 MB)

(apologies for the large size, but I don’t have time right now to reduce it and stitch together)

MF is a loon…! :shock:
I love the “but in reality how many people really have to sell a property when they can rent it out instead” And this woman is paid to say what she does…madness!

is this the “bull trap” that investors talk about?

What an blatently biased piece of writing. Who wrote it? It mentions that the ESRI index dropped only 0.3% in September which had ‘eased’ compared to drops of 0.4%, 0.5% and 0.8% during the previous three months. All fairly true, (although it was actually drops of 0.8, 0.5, 0.4, 0.3 and 0.3% resp. for May-Sept '08 ).

It is deliberately misleading by ommission: **The index dropped 1.3% in October and a further 1.1% in November **but as these figures (which represent the single biggest monthly drops in the index in 20 years) don’t support the writer’s thesis they get omitted.

This writer is doing their paper’s readership a terrible and potentially expensive disservice with this blatent hype / propaganda.

A shocking piece of journalism. :open_mouth:

What shite. So they went up by 300%, and now they’ve come off by 10% so everything is hunkey dorey again eh?

It’s amazing how many property shills like yourself now realise that the market was ‘overheated’ in 2006. Pity you never said anything about it at the time, you might have a shred of credibility now.

Perhaps this kind of unfounded speculation is “the word” if you listen to the press releases of those with a vested interested to get buyers into the market. However, reports like this one strongly suggest otherwise.

I’m sure this will be a comfort to people on the average industrial wage who still have to borrow 10+ times their salary to buy a house in Dublin.

It’s not journalism. It’s PR.
What do you expect in a paper owned by Murdoch?

Those of you wondering what country Tom was going to spend the CIF’s publicity money on, look no further than this article.

It’s clearly been paid for by somebody. That’s how (irish time’s excepted) the modern media works.
My money’s on the CIF. They’re the only group with enough cash to buy this, IMO - the CIF, with Sherry Fitz throwing in a few quid.

I’m no fan of Murdoch but I read his papers in his native Australia (there’s not a lot of options). Many News Corp employed property Jurno’s here appear to be free to call it like they see it. This time last year they were quite bearish on property for 07 and correcdtly called West Australian property as over-valued. The results were a mixed bag (Queensland up 20%, WA down etc.). They are fairly bearish this year also. So are the EA’s.

I think this cosy relationship between the Property Jurno’s and the VI’s is a uniquely Irish thang…

Ah, so that’s where Ireland is different - corruption! A first world country with a third world attitude to graft!

Mmm. Ah yes, the “paper of record”… :confused:

Some Sunday Times columnnist was calling the top of the market a year or more ago, even recommending you sell to rent.

**Some Sunday Times columnnist was calling the top of the market a year or more ago, even recommending you sell to rent./**quote]

Sounds great, but the problem is last year was already too late.
Selling property takes months and frequently more than a year.
The best time to place your property on the market would have been Q1 2006. Even Q2 would have been pushing it.

“Too late” is an overly-dramatic term. I’ve seen instances early last year where people knocked €20-30k off their asking price and sold their house. Sure they didn’t get the peak price they would have gotten the year before but if they had €150k equity at the peak they still walked away with over €100k when they sold.

double post

Allow me to rephrase ‘too late to sell at the high’.