Sunday Times - Lenihan to let house prices fall

As if he could stop them falling! … 693076.ece

i’m glad it’s in ink at last. backs are to the wall. everyone and their dog know prices are heading south now, the bigger challenge for the government may now be taking on the public sector unions.

constant vigilance

I never saw that one coming :wink:

Still we must wait and see.

Fair play to OW he has been screaming this for several days now, especially at me :wink: .

Get real guys. If you’re going to screw the little people, first you tell them you’re not going to screw them. Then you do it, and then you tell them you didn’t screw them.
FF are too intertwined with the builders, so even if Lenihen didn’t want to support them, the party would force him to support them anyway.

Can’t believe public servants got another pay rise 2.5% againt this week. The whole thing is a joke.

While we still have to wait and see what’s in the budget, the fact that they are saying it (well, strongly hinting it anyway) suggests that they are testing the waters, and if there is a good public response then they are likely to stick to it and not have a bailout.

However, I believe they will still continue/extend the funding of affordable houses, because from what I hear they are the only things selling at the moment.

I can’t believe the term ‘public servants’ can be used without sarcasm :nin