Sunday Times Property Valuation Pullout

Haven’t read it all but for D6/6W there virtually no decreases between Jan 07 and Jan 08 and indeed theres even some increases!

Holy Lord. Pay it no heed. It is simply propaganda for Estate Agents. Look at the end of each bunch of data, is it sourced from EAs.
If you asked yourself before opening the paper “If this is written by VIs what will they say”. The answer would have to be, a drop in 2007 and then no drop in 2008 and a small increase in 2009. See in order to be credible they must tell the truth for what has already happened, which they do. Then they need to quell any fears of dropping prices in the future. Which they do. Then they need to convince people now is the time to buy. How do they do this. Tell the reader that prices will very soon start to rise again. Surprise surprise,this is exactly what they do.

The template for the whole 63 pages.
X = Price
2007 X - 10%
2008 X - 0%
2009 X + 2%

I know nobody who reads the pin will be taken in by this but what about the numb sculls who don’t?
It will be their loss, pity they can’t sue the Sunday Times for publishing propaganda in the guise of independent assessment. They do say it is independent so maybe there is a case for suing. Could be a good title for a new thread.

The problems causing the crash cannot be stopped by the Irish house buyer. Is is bigger than Ireland. The fact that EAs are still willing to peddle this nonsense shows the ineptitude of their leaders. Plainly they are cutting their own throats by doing everything in their power to prolong the crash. They don’t seem to realise it is in their interest to embrace the crash and get the blasted thing over with so they can start making commission again.

Was this paid for by the CIF , Country Tom promised us a new year 'information 'campaign .

Search the small print carefully 8)

That’s funny, the SBP property section seems to show drop across the board.

Drops across the board last year but the drops are now finished everywhere, remarkable!

Never been a better time to buy - Im just gonna give a few of my smart ballsy mates a ring and let them know the good news…

And then this comes along…

IPW link

Judging by the significant number of 20%+ drops in 6W areas like Terenure that have been reported on the Pin, that seems hard to believe.

As for D6, it does seem that price drops are comparatively rare. However if you know the area you’ll be aware that there are plenty of terraced and semi-d houses that have been on sale for 12+ months. Time on the market is a much more interesting statistic in areas like this.

As there are many more sellers than buyers, ‘the message’ will have the net effect of convincing the majority of market participants that its a good idea to stick your heels in this Spring selling season; as the ‘welcome adjustment’ has reached a conclusion. Sellers will be more inclined to reject below asking price offers and hang tough for the profisised second coming of the Celtic Tiger bubble. So have the VI’s inadvertently conspired to stall the market with makey uppy great expectations? Its a carefully aimed shot in the foot in my opinion. :unamused:

ahh sure they are just doom mongers! That and their facts!

Yep, time for Smarty McBallsy and Canny McSavvy to pile back in! :wink:

It was only 1 in 25 house in the country that dropped their price in the last 3 weeks. The rest of them are holding up just fine!