Sunday Tribune Business Editor Fired Following Pin Thread

I don’t normally buy the heavy paranoia about ‘vested interests’ that is a feature of the more crankish dicussion on the Pin.

But take a look at this incredible story - directly related to a thread here over the past 10 days -

‘Tribune’ business editor loses post after article
Paul Cullen
The business editor of the Sunday Tribune , Richard Delevan, has been let go and a columnist Bill Tyson has resigned in solidarity with him.
Mr Delevan confirmed yesterday he was no longer working at the newspaper but declined to comment further.
He lost his job on Monday, a day after an unsigned article appeared in the business section about the home of estate agent Ken MacDonald in Blackrock.
The article, which was based on contributions to an anonymous blog, said Mr MacDonald’s home has remained on sale for over a year at an asking price of €2.4 million.
Mr MacDonald refused to confirm or deny reports that his firm, Hooke and MacDonald, had written to the newspaper following publication of the article. However, he said he was shocked by the highly personalised article which was “riddled with untruths”.
“This was a massive invasion of my privacy and my family’s. I don’t think anyone would like to see their photo and that of their house in a newspaper in this way.”
Mr Tyson said he resigned as a columnist on Tuesday to show his concern over recent developments.
Attempts to contact the group managing director of the Sunday Tribune , Michael Roche, were unsuccessful. The newspaper’s editor Noirín Hegarty said the situation was more complex than it seemed: “It’s ongoing and I’m precluded from further comment.”
Mr Delevan had been told he was being moved to edit the newspaper’s website last month.
However, management regarded the article on Mr MacDonald as inappropriate in tone and decided to terminate his employment.
On his blog, Mr Delevan describes himself as “a journalist, blogger, broadcaster, speaker, writer and native New Yorker living near Dublin, Ireland”.
He was appointed business editor in 2006.

… A New Yorker Living in Dublin - SO he’s not one of ours then :wink:

Mr MacDonald decided to make himself a media figure, giving interviews, opinions in economy and property market to the papers. What the hell does he expect? Given the controversy, more people will be visiting the PIN etc.

Yea. This is gonna backfire on MacDonald big time. With the newspaper articles this will generate, people who have been mushrooms up til now may start to see what is happening. It’ll be funny to see Ken scurrying for another rock. This is very jucy news for a newspaper I hope Ken and his heavies can’t stop the truth being outted.

For the mushrooms it’s gonna be like in that Jim Carey film, Truman, where he first discovers all is not as it seems. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Er…Hello?..Aren’t you running one of the largest auctioneers businesses in the country Ken? That’s like saying you can’t report what car the Chairman of Ford drives or what computer Bill Gates uses.

And what “massive invasion of privacy” is he talking about? Did the media doorstep him or camp out outside his gaff in all weathers, follow him wherever he went and take photos of his family whilst on holiday? Of course not. The Irish media do not do media intrusion. Perhaps Ken should take on some of the European media. He would then get a taste of what invasion of privacy really means.

This sorry saga is pathetic and ridiculous.

Poor Kenneth! :cry: :cry: :cry:

Two words Kenny, learn them well: Public Domain

Frankly, … EDIT: comment removed …

They pontificate on the state of the nation ad nauseum, then whinge like a baby when someone points out that the state of the nation, as they see it, doesn’t seem to tally with their own personal experience, never mind everybody elses!

EDIT: No need for these kind of remarks now. Please.

Not only can they dictate press coverage, but now they can even dictate who does the covering. Ah… brings me back to the good old days of the stagnant, suffocating Banana Republic. :wink:

Sure that’s because Ireland for the last 10 years has been run by Il Duce: The Next Generation.

Forward to the past! Yup, we’ve made loads of “progress” alright in the last 20 years…

It can’t be both “riddled with untruths” and “a massive invasion of privacy”, make up your mind Ken.

Has anybody considered if Ken went straight to the Pin when he read the truths in the Tribune? I’m 100% confident he did. He is sure to be looking for libelous stuff. This site is becoming a real thorn in the VIs side.
In fact if there are some new members lately they could well be Ken and his friends. Open Window, all you need to do is check the IP address of the where posts come from, then stick it into a browser and if you know whos site comes up Bingo!
I for one welcome Ken. :laughing:

Indeed. I also welcome Richard Delevan and Bill Tyson. Perhaps they can continue their discussion over here. 8)

You can use as well just enter in an IP address and it will tell you the organisation that it belongs to . Could be the actual company or could be an internet company depending on how they have it set up.

I think you should ban Ken, any chance of blocking Hooke and McDonalds IP addresses.

Tis not in the spirit of the forum.

No bannage at the Pin!

We’re supposed to be better than the VI gombeen parasite class, remember?


What we really need is a secret handshake! :stuck_out_tongue:

So Sunday’s article was an invasion of privacy but the original article in The Sunday Independent last year wasn’t?

From Sunday Oct 1st 2006: Will MacDonald be lovin’ it? … 35197.html

Stonecutters Tattoos :smiley: