If you’ve only done a short trip to the shop, it’ll probably be enough.


people of newtownpark area to get a new Dunnes (old Playwright/TGI McScratchys)


Tesco takes on Aldi and Lidl with new discount chain … -1.3633605


Irish suppliers have played a big part in supermarket success before, think of Liptons supermarkets that were the Tescos of their day but many people today would never have heard of, started out as one shop in Glasgow, lots of fresh food being sourced from Ireland, and grew and grew and Ireland was always central to keeping it stocked with quality fresh meat, poultry and dairy products. Lipton himself was part Irish, so the first suppliers may have been his cousins in Ireland


A new meaning for the phrase “going to the jack’s”…


Seems to have been a man ahead of his time. He did what Aldi/Lidl are doing now.

IMHO, “Jack’s” is not a great name for the store. Too self referential. Sounds like it was invented by a committee.


I assumed the Jack’s name was a nod to Aldi’s US offshoot, Trader Joe’s.


Sure, if they come to Ireland, it’ll be called “Mick’s” XD


TheJournal - Lidl accuses rivals of ‘planned and sustained campaign’ to block it building new stores
The actions of Tesco Ireland and RGData serve their individual interests only; actions which are anti-competitive, anti-better value for consumers and anti-job creation.
In lodging objections on spurious and, in many instances, on contradictory grounds both Tesco and RGData are misusing the planning system designed to cater for bona fide observations.
For their part, Tesco and RGData have denied these claims from Lidl, and said they would never submit frivolous claims or misuse the planning system.


That is a subsidiary of the ‘other’ Aldi but I assumed the same.

As Tesco launched two variants in the last 20 years. Tesco Express and Tesco Metro, and as both are utterly utterly shite executions in their segments, I can see where this variant is headed already. :smiley:

Tesco only ever became compelling when they went to big box stores in the second half of the 1980s.

RGdata are a vile pile of crooks who only want to gouge the public, they should be locked up the lot of them. :frowning:


Amazon rumoured to takeover Morrisons in UK.
They have 10% grocery market share



Share price would suggest this rumour is not correct.


Irish households are spending €1bn on groceries in December
Works out at €210 per man, woman & child. That’s nuts!


It probably includes turkeys and mince pies as well, to be fair.



About €7 per person, per day. Very easily done I would think


And a few tubs of Celebrations and Quality Street, always come in handy this time of year


Confirmation that
Irish consumers spent €995m on groceries in December, in what was a record festive period for the grocery market.
The performance was driven by shoppers spending an average of €694 on groceries in December – €151 more than the typical month


And probably a similar amount in gym fees in January to try to lose it again!


This ‘death of retail’ mallarkey does not apply to supermarkets in general. Aldi have dolled up most of their estate near me and gone somewhat upmarket as well. Dunnes are doing fine despite that.

The only ‘death spiral’ supermarket is Supervalu who have no stores in Galway City anymore. Tesco never had a proper store here and have nowhere to spiral from. :stuck_out_tongue: