Supreme Court orders demolition of 'family home'


For years there didn’t seem to be any consequences for doing things arse-ways. That has all changed since the crash as we see more and more stories about people paying a heavy price for an “it’ll be alright on the night” attitude to business, finance and development. The fact of the matter is that one cannot expect people to respect laws and agreements if there are no consequences. Cases like this need to be taken to counteract the countless exaggerated anecdotes of clever dicks getting around the law. A case like this has resonance throughout the country and so plays an important role in promoting observance of the law.

Looking at the house, one has to have pity for the owners. They and their children are losing a lot arising from their bad decisions. The fact that the local authority will not pursue its costs if the house is demolished suggests that even the local authority feels sorry for them.


Is it too late to start a WIW thread on the property?


This is a case of the whole being less than the sum of the individual parts XD




It is about the equivalency of dealing out justice in Ireland. Seanie walks away while people like the garlic man get imprisoned.
The Garda commissioner keeps blurting crap and holds her position. Countless people who should have been held to account for the property bubble and banking collapse got away with golden pensions. Something like 300,000 empty properties were built/half built and blight the landscape to the point some were demolished at cost to the taxpayer.

Knock the house eh, how many wrongs make a right? Our planning system is already proven to be flawed with the ruling about locals only. It really served us well serving up all those empties.
When I lived in Ireland I had a house in a rural area, nearest town was quite a bit away. Anyone building a one off went through a big deal but suddenly some fields got cleared and a developed threw in 30 or so lego houses. As ugly as many one offs are thats much uglier. How is it that developers get such preference?


Will be very interesting to see the position on 19th May 2018.

Updates appreciated.


It’s already gone through 8 years of our taxpayers funded courts.
Can’t see it being knocked, it would make No.1 news story on RTÉ


But if the Supreme Court has made an order surely…


European Court of Human Rights


Updates? We all wanna know!


I’m sure it’s still there, otherwise t’would make the rté news top headline.
Maybe a Pin picnic on the beautiful lawn to admire it?


There was an article in yesterday’s Examiner covering all aspects of this case. Maybe someone could post a link?


Very lengthly article here … 46774.html


Many thanks to Irish Examiner journalist Caroline O’Doherty for this write-up.


Wow, that is well-written detailed and, dare I say it, balanced


Good article for sure

Presumably it was built without a mortgage?


Id assume so but rules in relation to mortgages were, lax in the boom


There was another article about this house in the Irish Times last Saturday, 16/06/18.

Maybe someone could post a link?


Council takes legal advice as deadline to demolish Co Meath house passes … -1.3532240


So what happens when the diggers arrive and there are kids in the house?