Supreme Court orders demolition of 'family home'

Family home…Constitutional property rights…maybe a change of Govt and attitude to this type of thing.

Take your pick

It’s in a remote cul-de-sac. Why refuse planning in the first place?

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Green agenda, reduce rural infrastructure costs, reduce rural services costs take your pick.

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To avoid creating a precedent?

There was so much wrong with this house.

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Unbelievable, this 5hit is not only still going on but they’ve managed to get a reprieve and another High Court date! Is it possible that the recent controversies with An Bord Pleanala highlighted in The Ditch could save the house???
Meath couple whose house was due to be demolished secure temporary reprieve – The Irish Times

If they had any sense they would bring in some refugees.
The planning system is a joke and people need somewhere to live today, yesterday. Its a hell of an ugly house, in my opinion, but no worse than any of the monotonous semi detached housing that absolutely blights Ireland. And far far better than the shite the green types want us to live in.


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Fund a second gaff from the proceeds.