Sure Sodom wasn't built in a day! Globohomo and Ireland's Gay Mafia


What’s fascinating is that 9 years after anything became sexism (opening a door, saying Ma’m, chatting)…

…now this isn’t sexism

The thing is, with the autogynephilia, this whole event will be a massive turn on for the Trans, ‘a man stood up for me because he saw me as a woman


In my experience its just like dealing with a full blown sociopath / psychopath. From the get go they realize immediately you know exactly what they are. That you have long experience in dealing with the lying, manipulative often evil scum they are. You know all the games. You know the tricks. In fact its little different from a street crim setting you up for a “whack” and you act from the start like you know exactly what they are doing and see through their act. A few are faux friendly for a short time before walking away. Most just turn away and act like you dont exists. Which is fine by me.

The run of the mill trannys are a milder version of this. They are so used to playing the victim that not getting the usual response from the typical clueless people they usually interact with makes them very suspicious and guarded. You can see their mind working and almost always I’m marked as some kind of “medical guy”. They all have a very long history of dealing with medical people so I’m put in that category because I dont immediately fall for the act. I must have seen it all before. Which I have.

I do nothing to disabuse them of this idea as it makes the rest of the interaction a bit less unpleasant. But not much. I treat them exactly the same way as I would any other seriously mentally ill person. With firm courtesy and respect. But I’m not going to fall for any of the usual bullshit which works so well with the clueless. I’d put most trannys in the same category as paranoid schizophrenics and people suffering psychotic episodes in that most behavior you see is an act. Puncture the act and the act quickly ends. With most mentally ill on the streets who are causing a pubic scene just asking them over and over again quietly but firmly why they stopped taking their medication is usually enough to end the pubic scene. The very seriously mentally ill never causes scenes. They are the ones I watch out for. To see if its a situation where a 5150 might actually cause some good. Which is not very often.

Just one of the many street skills you learning while living in a city run by radical “progressives” for the last few decades. Easily the most inhumane and barbarous period in its 170 year history.


I’d recommend reading it from start to end.

Such pieces are often designed to profile reactions by generating loads of reaction data, and see how deeply penetrated the social engineering is and what point the subjects i.e. society is willing to accept and what they need to change to adapt.


Apparently asking people not to walk naked in a public parade is contraversial now :upside_down_face:

The issue really blew up in 2014, after Toronto District School Board (TDSB) trustee Sam Sotiropoulos led a motion requesting that police enforce the city’s public nudity laws at Toronto Pride. “[Pride] is supposed to be a family-friendly event. If you went to any other ward in the city on that day and paraded around naked, you would likely be arrested,” Sotiropoulos argued at the time.

The controversial request threatened the very tradition of Pride, and was covered by the nation’s most reputable news sources. According to them, Sotiropoulos, a “strong believer in traditional family values,” said he had “no problem participating with Pride,” but could not endorse an event “where the laws against public nudity are being flouted.”

His request, supported by two fellow trustees, was ultimately defeated by the TDSB by a vote of 16 to 6, whereas an opposing motion calling on the board to express support for Pride passed by a vote of 17 to 3.

Maria Rodrigues, the trustee who presented the opposing bill, argued that nudity at Pride is rooted in our history – namely, the Stonewall Riots in 1969, which are largely considered the birth of the gay rights movement.

Villeneuve says the pushback the Pride committee has been getting on nudity has been, in large part, from heterosexual people. “I truly have no clue why it’s an issue, and that includes children seeing naked people,” he says. “These are human bodies, and feeling the freedom to be naked during Pride is a beautiful thing. The nudist groups this city has should be able to participate in the street fair and parade like anyone else.”

The prevailing perspective from the pro-nudity camp is that our queer identity is the direct result of who we have sex with and, therefore, Pride should be sexual.


“Gendervague” “ex sexworker” = basically a demon



An outreach worker is set to visit some of Cork’s public sex cruising spots to offer sexual health advice and supports.

Recruitment is now underway for the HSE-funded ‘public sex environment outreach worker’ role with the Sexual Health Centre in Cork city.

Dr Martin Davoren, the centre’s executive director, described it as a “challenging yet exciting new role”.

“It’s quite a bespoke role and it’s not going to be for everybody but we are excited to introduce it,” he said.

While some people use apps to hook up with sexual partners, Dr Davoren said there was a significant cohort of mainly older men who don’t use such technology to meet sexual partners.

“Public sex environments are active and alive in Ireland,” he said.

"One of our missions is to reduce barriers to access to sexual health advice and supports.

“We need to meet people, especially those who are marginalised or who are hard to reach, in environments where they are active.

“With up to 6,000 people living in Ireland today with HIV, one of the biggest things we can do is provide people with an up-to-date status and link them to care and supports to ensure they can live a long and healthy life.”

Examples of lies, deceptions, misdirections and unchecked propaganda in the daily MSM matrix

Martin completed a BSc in Public Health and Health Promotion in 2010. He went on to complete the Master of Public Health specialising in Health Promotion in 2011. His research is in alcohol use, in particular the effects of alcohol, and the attitudes and experiences of students surrounding its use. He completed a PhD entitled ‘Alcohol Related Harm among Third Level Students in Ireland’.

Important to note he’s not an actual medical doctor.


So they’re hiring someone to check on criminals to make sure they’re doing everything safely.



Well that’s one way to end the debate I suppose.


Absolutely insane, saw it on FB there, this’ll be very quickly buried. The brazen “No, actually we really are coming for your children” attitude is a step to far for even the most braindead of the great unwashed.


Video moved to private already!


Millions are wise to the games played. Plenty of alternative links:


They are really nasty fuckers in person. All friendly and such if they think you are a typical straight who has nt a clue about how their scene works and what goes on. Once they realize you know exactly what goes on and know all the squalid history going way back before the Great Dying in the early '90’s then they are as nasty and unpleasant as any of the Antfia psychos.

At least in SF before the Great Dying the gay activists were very much a minority. Most gays in t he city just wanted a place were they felt safe and live their lives quietly. Met some very nice people back then. Some very interesting people. After the Great Dying the next generation was very much affluent activist types, boring cookie cutter people with a huge sense of entitlement and almost without exception once they realized you did not buy the public image they turned nasty. Ugly people, both inside and outside. Its not just the TV’s who have gotten butt-ugly in the last few decades.

One number that has not really changed is that about 10% of them are interested in twinks. Underage boys. Or just legal who look far younger. Its much less out in the open than back in the 1970’s and 1980’s, for a start far fewer runway kids to prey on, but if you know what to look for you will find almost as many around 18’th and Castro on a Friday night as back in the 1980’s. Chickenhawks with a twink in tow.

So think of the Gay Chorus bit as just one of those double meaning sick jokes that those sort of people just love. They say in public - oh its just want to make gay teens feel more accepted - etc etc while sniggering in private about how it will make it easier for them to prey on and abuse, and rape, vulnerable teenage boys. Because that is what a large part of the twink scene has always been.

As I said, really nasty fuckers.


Yea real or satire, it’s the same.

However it’s good that groups and people have the freedom to express themselves in the world of adults, and that is where the line is drawn by the majority of people.

'Cause the thing is, the world has now seen. It can not be unsee. Making the video private invoked the “Streissand” effect. I believe this marks the highpoint for this agenda / group in the eyes of the many.

If the shoe was on the other foot here, the worlds politicians would be falling over themselves to condemn, however I don’t expect to happen in this case in any meaningful way.

What that does is leave open people to take things into their own hands, ordinary folk, over time in their own way will deal with it, and that allows things to gets very very ugly. Also many of the online reactions indicate it has drawn out the cohort of humanity who simply want to be left alone and converted them into a huge instant foes.

Also these kind of viral things, can be shifted to increase polarisation and get people to do react and do stupid things then allow tptb justify more clamp downs on freedom and justify live televised love-ins for the victims.

Discernment is required as always, oh yea and as others have pointed out online. The “victim card” is now null and void.


Interesting. So the stereotype of the grumpy, feels persecuted, smokey Lesbian is correct. I was sort of expecting gay men to be unhappier. But Lesbians have worse sex lives. They’re twice as likely to be unhappy than straight women.

And given their narcissist, youth and twink obsessed culture it’s no surprise that gay men would be thinner.

About 2% of people said they were lesbian, gay or bisexual in the 2011-18 Health Survey for England

LGB people were also significantly more likely to smoke. This includes one in three LGB women, compared with one in six heterosexual women.

Just over half reported experiencing depression, compared with an estimated 20% of the wider population.

While the prevalence of health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes were similar between heterosexual and LGB cohorts, there was substantial divergence in rates of mental health conditions and wellbeing scores

Similarly, the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Well-Being Scale (WEMWBS) results were lower for LGB populations scoring on average 48.9 compared to 51.5. The WEMWBS scores were lower for lesbian and bisexual women, 47.3 to the score of 51.3 for heterosexual women, and gay and bisexual men 50.2 to the score of 51.5 for their equivalent.


QED - outgoing but unhappy lesbian with a persecution complex. Note the lack of apology.

In one of her posts, she put up a video which appeared to give a house only a few seconds to collect a parcel.

The 27-year-old posted a video showing herself delivering a “we missed you” leaflet through someone’s letterbox just seconds after knocking on the door.
In the video, captioned “when a customer takes longer than two seconds to answer the door”, Ms Orgill laughs as she drops off the slip telling the customer to collect their parcel from their local delivery office.

It prompted angry comments from customers, leading her to post a subsequent video in which she said: "Comments like this really upset me.
"All I do is try to upload silly videos day in day out to cheer people up because I know how much they do in these uncertain times and people like this have the audacity to try and bring me down.
"I’m one of the only full-time workers during the pandemic - when parcels went through the roof - which was so hard.


There has to be some truth to a stereotype, otherwise it never would have become a stereotype

From a public health point of view, is homosexuality the worst thing the state promotes ?

If the state started telling children to take up drinking and smoking, the general public would rightly say this is a bad idea, even myself, and I enjoy a beer as much as the next man/woman/tranny, and yet they won’t stop pushing homosexuality as the greatest thing ever


I would perhaps put the point in a wider context. Authenticity is the worst thing the State promotes. The gay STD and Transgender post op suicide rates along with a whole bunch of other things (the child sex abuse in step and foster care families overseen by Tusla) are all ultimately a consequence of the anti-God, ‘do what you feel like’ message of authenticity.


No. I think disrupting normal puberty & the growth spurt that comes with it, along with gaslighting children into thinking that this is somehow reversible if they then decide 10 years later that the ‘choice’ they made at 12 or 14 was maybe not fully considered, is worse. It’s not here in Ireland to the same extent as elsewhere, and if people reach 20/25 and want to make lifelong choices then, that’s different (but I hate no-gatekeeping self-ID).