Sure Sodom wasn't built in a day! Globohomo and Ireland's Gay Mafia


More Gay Mafia Marie Antoinette behaviour. We’re going to need a full attendance list on this.

"There’s a certain irony in Katherine Zappone being appointed an envoy in terms of freedom of expression, but she has taken taken a vow of silence through the controversy that’s gone on over the course of a week.”

2021 really is the year of inversion. This would be someone fully onboard with (so-called) hate speech laws as our envoy on freedom of speech.


Wound cauterised

Sacrifice optics - done to keep the Regime afloat.

None of this passes the small test in the framing and, sage setting and speed of turn around. :vulcan_salute:

Former minister Katherine Zappone has decided to turn down a Government appointment as a special envoy to the United Nations after criticism about the manner of her nomination.

In a statement by email, Ms Zappone said: “While I am honoured to have been appointed by the Government to be the Special Envoy on Freedom of Opinion and Expression, it is clear that criticism of the appointment process has impacted the legitimacy of the role itself.

“It is my conviction that a Special Envoy role can only be of real value to Ireland and to the global community if the appointment is acceptable to all parties.

“For this reason, I have decided not to accept this appointment, and I have communicated my decision to the Minister for Foreign Affairs.”


Not quite. Release the Hounds.


Ah here Lads Come on ! You’re trying to classify Zappone’s PARTY as equivalent to a CONCERT !!! (An “Organised Outdoor Event”)

You can see from the title of the webpage from that they’ve renamed the webpage when they just updated it to make the Zappone PARTY accord with guidelines and pretend that this was all a 29 June thing. DISGRACEFUL


So is it Zappone’s position that her Postponed Leaving Do was for “Social and Community Purposes”. Come off it ! Although she could say it was a Globohomo think in I suppose ?

A spokesperson for Eamon Ryan said: “Minister Ryan attended an outdoor event at a sports club last week to thank those who campaigned in the recent by-election.
"The health regulations allow for outdoor gatherings involving up to 200 people for a variety of reasons including social and community purposes.”

It is understood senior Government adviser Donal Geoghegan, the secretary-general of the Department of Children Fergal Lynch, and senior civil servants were among those who attended Ms Zappone’s event.
Newly-elected Labour TD Ivana Bacik was also in attendance.
Another person who attended the event said: “It was billed as a thank-you event that she didn’t get to have last summer for obvious reasons because we were in lockdown. She made some remarks at it and it was very much in that tone.”


You no longer live where you thought you did.


I’ve known where I live all my life. I live in a fucking Banana Free State


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No one else’s “partner” was publicized after a medal win. But homosexual sex is truly important.


Will be interesting to see if this is one of the prominent Tatchell supporters


Thought-provoking thread.


Stephen Fry appreciation thread


Topped himself; this is a story that’s going to run and run…


I had not heard the rumours before, I donated a tiny bit to ichh at one stage.

The last 5 years I am constantly amazed at how I managed to go through the first decades of my life so blissfully unaware of so much…


In a letter to staff and volunteers at the charity, David Hall said the news of his death was heartbreaking and a source of deep shock.
He said Mr Flynn was a person who passionately cared about the plight of the homeless and fought to give them a voice and a home.
Mr Hall said in founding ICHH he had turned that belief into action.

Former Casino Operator David Hall?


If it is the same individual that I just searched then Ireland is even more psychopathic than I thought possible.


I’m confused at this one. Is the story really that the gay mafia are blaming the former casino operator David Hall for outing the gay rapist and causing the suicide, is that it ? And that’s endangered his safety?

Archived link =>

Edit - yes, fake news Irish Times leaves ambiguity open about who is making the threats. They leave out the key part from former Casino operator David Hall’s statement which Independent includes; The threats aren’t anti gay rape, they’re pro gay coverup

In the message, Mr Hall said Mr Flynn’s passing was a “tragedy”, and said he had a “good working relationship and friendship with Anthony”.
“While the serious matters which arose in recent weeks brought a strain to the charity as a whole, my communications with Anthony remained respectful. Attempts to suggest otherwise are simply not true,” he said.

The inversion going on here is priceless. ‘Anthony was vulnerable’. Sure sure yeah. He was actually investigated for assaulting the vulnerable.


This is truly a pit of despair. The fruits of a sordid and evil world created by themselves for themselves. A world without God.

(A few words of advice, if I may, ‘no contact ever again’.)


This story has been blowing up over the last few days-journalist Noah Berlatsky has been called out for somewhat ambiguous comments about paedophilia and it turns out he’s the communications director in this organisation (based in San Francisco of course), which is basically NAMBLA with a veneer of woke NGO jargon:

It’s all just so perfectly on the nose about everything discussed in this thread it’s like a parody.


We are all Marko from Tropoja.
We are all Spartacus.
We are all gay now. We must all check for STDs.