Sure Sodom wasn't built in a day! Globohomo and Ireland's Gay Mafia


Thinking more about it, it’s not their word.

“Homosexual” was imposed, probably that dam patriarchy or something, and has deep negative association especially for the older generations.

Something like Eddie Murphy’s 1983 Delirious wouldn’t be what it is without it… hilarious!

The solution was to invent new dogmatic terms like same-sex, kind of sounds cute, kind of sounds like sharing, “same” sounds assuring, and then positively associate in the minds of the highly impressionable then spring the sudden orthodoxy some a few years later and the rest is manufactured history, re-manufactured to give you the latest brand of reality. .


Yes bingo. It is adding a flavour of totally normal, bourgeois living to cover the fact that “Same-Sex Couple” often means “Group-sex Couple”

Also see the term MSM - “Men who have sex with Men”. A term they use when they want to do STD research outreach to men who are “sometimes gay”


Barratry attempt and failure here.

Barratry (/ˈbærətri/ BARR-ə-tree ) is a legal term that, at common law, described a criminal offense committed by people who are overly officious in instigating or encouraging prosecution of groundless litigation,[1] or who bring repeated or persistent acts of litigation for the purposes of profit or harassment.[2]

In 2014 Mr Lee, a member of the LGBT group QueerSpace, ordered a cake from Belfast-based bakery Ashers – a Christian-run firm – featuring the Sesame Street puppets Bert and Ernie and with the slogan “Support Gay Marriage.”

I wonder if “queer space” has a particular focus on young gay men?

Edit: it’s actually young gay, vulnerable foreign men ! How noble ! Also keeps the pipeline open!