Surprise move as house fetches well above odds … e_id=15563

Yeah but what did a similar/same house sell for last year? Im sure the estate agents have lowered their AMVs. You also get some people that will pay over the odds to outbid others and get a house they have always wanted. Sometimes a neighbour/developer can own an adjacent property that when combined with property for sale is a large developemnt site.

Sold for over €2.25m in April 2007 as per the link above.

2.5 years later back on the market with an asking price of €1.25m, a 44.5% haircut, if it makes the asking. … TGXY422321

Easy come, easy go.

Says it sold after for higher - so bigger than 44.5%, and dont forget stamp duty. So possibly 55%

are the distressed vendors trickling out?

And what proof do we have it sold for anyhing like they say?

We have the word of respected professionals.

Keep a straight face, Keep a straight face.

Can’t do it, sorry…

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Whichever way you slice it that’s at least €1,000,000 down the tubes in two years! A million! I daresay even Pat Kenny would notice a loss like that. And it’s not like it’s Farmleigh or something. There are literally hundreds of houses just like it in the same area. If that’s not a total collapse I don’t know what is.

House prices in South County Dublin are down 50% on the peak (selling prices) but they do seem to have settled at or around that since the beginning of the summer

I had to do a double take there. Didn’t realise the first post was from 2007 :blush:

Caught me out as well.

High end property in Dublin has fallen 55-60% already and the dogs in the street know this.
Capital D Property has already admitted this and written down the value of its housing stock accordingly.
Trouble is this ain’t the bottom or anywhere near it what with at least half a dozen 4 billion euro hairshirt budgets and a trebling of interest rates coming down the track.
Fair enough you will have a few gobshites coming in snapping up overpriced houses at what they percieve is value compared to 3 years ago but with FF in control you can forget about any bottoms forming anytime soon.